Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Swap Reveal

It's no secret that I absolutely love giving gifts and hey receiving them is not too shabby too! When I saw this Kristin's blog I thought, how fun!  The premise of a blog swap is you get paired up with another blogger, connect and to get to know them, and then send each other fall packages.  I got paired up with Becky from Rebeckann's Random Thoughts & Recipes.  You can click on the link to see what she got from me!  It was so much fun to get a package in the mail, here's what she got me!

Opening my package!

The most delicious smelling warm cinnamon pumpkin candle from her Celebrating Home business

Some fun, soft fuzzy socks. I'm wearing them right now, in fact!

Some pumpkin spice coffee from her town in Pennsylvania.  I have to save this for Brian because he'll love this!

Some fun blue nail polish

And some yummy chocolates from Pennsylvania too. These I am not saving for Brian, haha!

Thanks, Becky! It was so fun to take part in this and to get to know you!


Nichole said...

I pretty much want all your goodies! I received some awesome ones too! I love warm fuzzy socks this time of year. Happy Friday!

Becky Dougherty said...

I'm so glad you liked your gifts! :) Thanks for joining our swap! It's been great getting to know you. :)

Kristin said...

Becky sent you the good coffee! (I'm from the same town as her :)

Thank you for joining in, Rachel! Have a great weekend!

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