Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you there? It's me, Brady

Ok first of all, MOM I wouldn't have temper tantrums if you just got me like Rascal does. When he watches me he lets me get into anything, he even lets me eat his food with him! I can talk to him for hours and he gets every word I say, geez! Second of all, Da-Da does live in the computer and they gave him a mustache to wear, duh! I'm much smarter than you think! Ok sorry, just had to get that off my chest! Hi everyone!! Welcome to the second episode of Brady's World! I promise not to disappoint!

I've been hitting the gym quite a bit in between my fire station calls. Obviously it has been paying off.

Dad, I challenge you to a weightlifting challenge when you get back. Bet you can't lift a fire truck!

Oh man, so we get back from Minnesota and then I had to go BACK to doctor for shots. Horrible, horrible, horrible. And those ladies are so lame they don't even have any good bandaids. Ugh! Look, you can even see the blood on the bandaid! Someone needs to take their needle privleges away. Seriously. And the lady was like be careful, one of these was a live virus........


Great! Ok, ok before you all freak out it's actually raspberries. Got you though, didn't I?!

Things are pretty much the same here. Mom works me to the bone and I get no respects. Just me mowing the lawn again....

I think I may have pulled something in my neck...I guess that happens when you're mowing the lawn for 4 hours at a time....because you have short, short legs.....and you only get fed mini food....and have to drink out of a small cup......and are you getting how horrible my life is?

Oh geez. Mom bought these jean diapers.

More of these later. Ugh.

Luckily it is very fun to blue.

My new swim outfit is looking great. Mom signed me up for swimming again. Blah. There's this chubby 5 month old boy that smiles all the time and he's the teacher's pet. Really? Has he gotten teeth yet, gotten his bottle taken away? Does he really know what it's like to be a man? I think not. I remember those days...the glory days...oh to be 5 months old again.

Ha, no Mom, I'm not pooping in my new swimsut...I was...err....calling that 9 month old girl from class...

Blueberries are awesome. End of story.

They also make me poo in my pants several times a day. Pure joy!

I've been working on my couch surfing skills the past few days. Mom's not a fan though. Oh well guess it's her just being unsupportive of my talents. I will remember this for my future counseling sessions.

Oh, and here it begins. Mom was like that kid on the Huggies Jean diaper ads, well he's cute, but you're way cuter. Let's take some pictures and try to get you to replace him!

Just showing the full muscle-ness that is Brady. Watch out Dad, I will win.

You know, I originally thought the patio door shot was a little lame, but I get it, it works.

Rascal was like, "Hey Brady, try eating your foot."

I fell for it again, yuckk!!!

Rascal, my mentor, is disappointed. I think I remember him watching saying, this is so wrong, so wrong!

This one may be the winner. Look at my teeth!

Or maybe this one?

I had to take a break. Modeling is hard work.

And I'm back!

Ladies, I can make this one in poster size if you'd like for your walls.

Umm no mom, I will not show off my belly again....

Oh well, if it's what the ladies want!

Huggies Jean Diapers Model, you better watch out, Brady Brian Ross is after your job!



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