Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brady's Minnesota 1st Birthday Party

Because one birthday party just isn't enough, Brady had his second 1st Birthday Party in Minnesota this past weekend. It was at his Nana and Papa's house in Brooklyn Park. Thank you so much everyone for celebrating with us!! He is so blessed to have so many people that love and care about him, he sure is lucky! His great grandparents even came all the way from Arizona to celebrate with us! Brady did alright at his party. He was in the process of getting 4 teeth, so he was a little crabby, but still performed for everyone! Here are some pictures from his party:

Brady's Mod Monkey Invites

Brady checking out the decor for the party

My favorite picture: everyone gathered here for his party, and he's running away with his fire truck!

Brady eating his lunch during his party

The cake table

All the food!

Brady skyping with his daddy at the party

Everyone waiting to skype with Brian

Brady with his cake

His "smash cake"

Mmmm I get to eat cake again?!

Family picture :)

Brady getting ready to open presents

However, he decided it was more important to patrol the yard

He did check in a few times though to see what he was getting

This stuffed animal was from his godfather, Danny and Danny's girlfriend Dana. It was made out of Brian's pants that he wore at the Air Force Academy. So sweet! :)

Yay!! Thanks everyone for coming!! :)

He was tuckered out!

Brady, his great-grandparents, and I

Brady eating cake

Everyone signing Happy Birthday

Thank you again everyone!! :)


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