Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life with a Toddler

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged last, I apologize! Life has been pretty crazy lately for us in Nebraska. Brady is a walking, temper tantrum having, active little toddler now! After a few days of being hesitant about walking, Brady just took off and now loves to run everywhere! He thinks it's hilarious how good he is at walking now too! Although Brady got into everything before, he can now get into everything much faster! He now gets much more upset when I stop him from hurting himself or getting into something he shouldn't have too, thus the temper tantrums. I had friends over the other night and they commented that he has tantrums like a 2 year old would. Oh goodie, lucky me. So hopefully we will go through the "terrible twos" early and then we will have smooth sailing! (One can hope, right?!)

We miss Brian everyday. We are getting closer and closer to the day that he shall come home, and I honestly cannot wait. Brady has changed so much in the time that he's been gone that I bet Brian will spend hours just staring at his little boy wondering where the baby went. We try and skype with Brian everyday now and it's been so good to see him and have Brady see him. Brady really knows the skype sound and runs to the computer yelling, "Dada, Dada!" It is so cute. I even got in on video because Brian didn't believe me! I think it's so neat that he sort of gets it, but still breaks my heart at the same time because that's the way it has to be. And now everytime I go on the computer too, Brady sees it, and says "Dada, Daddy!" It's hard trying to explain that his da-da doesn't live in the computer! We don't know the exact date of when he will return but it should be less than a month from now! :)

I've been keeping extra busy a la Brady. We do Baby Maestro on Mondays, Gymboree on Wednesdays, and a playdate every Thursday, followed by swimming at nighttime. The weather has been finally getting nice again so we have been going to parks and going on lots of walks and have just been trying to stay busy! I also recently hosted a baby shower for my friend here Danielle. I've been working hard on my deployment diet and have lost 10 pounds so far (although I should really sue Dairy Queen for being on the road I travel most days!).

Rascal is his normal self. He barks a lot, plays ball a lot, chases bunnies, and gets along with his brother most of the time. It's big time bunny season in Papillion right now, so he spends most of his day outside running with the bunnies. My tough dog! Here are some recent pictures:

My active little boy!

Brady and I on Mother's Day. We ran into a friend at the park and she was nice enough to take this for us! :)

Danielle's baby shower. Brady saw the diaper boxes and pushed all of them to his room. They were size 1 though so I made him return them to Danielle.

He is obsessed with my phone. So sorry if any of you get a random call from me, most likely Brady is the culprit!

Look at him go!

His shirt says AIR FORCE Pooper Trooper Offutt AFB!

He's getting so big!

Brady off and running!

Brady hearing the Skype ring

More of Brady walking


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