Saturday, May 7, 2011

That's Brady's World!!!

Well hiya there, folks! It's Brady, everyone's favorite baby (well, toddler now) man!! Wowzers I have been so busy lately. Not that I don't have time for you all (especially the ladies) but I've just been busy. My mustache is growing in nicely, I'm about to get my driver's license, and I am now potty trained (not listed in order of importance). I also just turned 1 and that was quite the experience. Here are some pictures of my latest adventures:

My mom woke me up at the buttcrack of dawn. "It's your birthday!" she exclaimed. Cool mom. Does she not remember that I have had a birthday every month on the 24th?

Ok, ok I'm liking this birthday thing so far. I'm getting an awesome chair, awesome pajamas. Nice!

Wait it's Easter too? By golly this is the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Oh crap. Take this thing off right now! Rascal thinks that I am a bunny and I'm pretty sure he's going to eat me!!

Oh yes, this day is turning out real good. First presents, then Dairy Queen. I declare this day THE BEST ONE THUS FAR!

Nautical theme, so in right now. (Cover of my US BABY magazine shoot)

What you people get paid to sing to babies? Really? How lame is your life, honestly?

Oohh fire, and worms. I declare this THE BEST TIME I'VE HAD

Please explain why we went to the Rainforest Cafe for my birthday dinner. Do people normally enjoy being overstimulated?

Don't hate cuz I've got a little P in my mouth, don't hate.

Oh yeah these jerks took away my bottle and formula. So now I have to resort to cups and whole milk.

Good thing I'm a star at doing both now. Make that a superstar!

My Godmother, she's cool. That is all.

This was my second birthday party. Cool guys, thanks for coming. I have important business to do with my fire truck, sorry.

Really momarazzi? Really? Can't a kid eat in peace at his birthday party? Sheesh!

Yeah, yeah Sharday I know you're there. I know you need a lot of attention, but a man needs to eat to keep up with all of his girlfriends.

I could get used to this cake every weekend thing! Heck yes!!

What? Don't hate it until you've tried it. Easiest clean up ever.

Ugh. Another fire call during my party. A man has to work, even during his own birthday party.

My great grandparents even came too! I was a little nervous because of the pinching last time, but everyone was on their best behavior.

Oh, I get it now Dad, I get it. Bacon is delish!

Please tell me someone else is having problems with all of these sunflowers?! Yikes, Claritin please!

Ice fishing: pointless, pure pointlessness (and yes, that is a word).

One more move and I'll jump! Haha I got you all!

And those jerk kids said I couldn't cross the bridge, ha showed them! (By the way, I'm at the Minnesota Children's Museum. NO, my mom did not redecorate the house.)

What are you looking at lady? Never seen a baby push his own stroller? Or just never seen anyone as good looking as me do it? Or both?

Then Gramps pulled me on the bus with him. Not my preferred mode of transportation, but I'm sure you can pick up lots of chicks.

So it was a rough night last night, sue me!

Yeah I can stand, text my girlfriends, and be outside all at once.

Then we went and saw the inside of Dad's plane. Now I understand why Dad likes to fly. SO MANY BUTTONS to push, I wanted to go crazy!!!

They also said that I looked so good in the co-pilots seat (and since I wore a co-pilot shirt the day before) that I could join on the spot.

I had to think about it. I mean, I am a strong, independent, good looking man....and there are cool buttons.....

No, no I don't want to leave my mommy!!! The back of the plane is scaryyyyy!!!
That was the end of that discussion.

See my top teefers now? I have two more coming in too. PURE HELL!

Don't hate, that baby was cute.

It would be more accurate if the shirt said Brady rocks the crib.

See, I told you I was freakin busy! If you aren't sick of me yet, here are some videos for your viewing pleasure.

Howling like a dog gets all of the ladies. Seriously, try it.

I am training for the world's strongest baby contest. I can lift an entire fire truck. Take that!

Again, howling=super cool.

Best new word I've learned....up.

Yeah, so I can walk now. NO big deal.



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