Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First (worst) Halloween

So, let me just say I don't get this whole hoopla about Halloween thing. First of all, it's not scary. Second of all, it's not fun. Third of all, it's just embarassing. How do I explain to the other babies that my dad wears blonde wigs? Pleas! At least I got a good book out of the deal, but it's just not worth it. My parents decided to have a Halloween party and everyone dressed up. That of course freaked me out, who the hell are these people and what are they doing in my house?! This is a lot for me to take in people! Then my parents entered me in a cutest baby Halloween costume contest (great for a 6 months ego, I told you I didn't want to be on babies and tiaras. AND THEN they take me trick-or-treating. Horrible. No one handed out any formula, rice cereal, or sweet potatoes in a jar. At least I didn't get any bananas. Gross. Here are some pictures from the horrible days:

Yep that's me and my dad. I'm so proud. He was trying to look like Michaele Salahi (white house crasher) but instead looked like an ugly, ugly girl. And I'm so embarassed of my costume, I can't even look at the camera. Really people?

This is me and my friend and neighbor Preston and our moms. We were talking about how stupid everyone looked and how horrible Halloween is. He gets me.

Rascal wasn't spared either. I'm sorry puppy dog!

Ross family. My mom is the worst thing in the world and my dad is a scary creepy man. Hello Preston, can I come live with you?!

What? I was made in Mississippi.

This is when the party got crazy. I was like I'm gonna take off my costume and get this party started! All the drooly babies!

These are the people protecting our country. Horrifying.

Waking up on my first Halloween. Yipee

My awesome new book!

Although I hate this day, this outfit looks great on me, I have to say.

Honestly, this picture doesn't even need a caption. You can just keep staring.

Hmm if you haven't gotten from my earlier posts that my parents are the worst parents alive, let me show you yet again. Exhibit 101: giving a baby a bloody knife. (Mom note: this was a toy, not sharp at all!) Yeah dad, I bet you'll wipe that smirk off your face when I cut someone or myself with this knife. Seriously.

Yeah see the shower curtain? I did that. (Mom note: NO HE DID NOT!! It was a Halloween prop!)

In my Johnny Jump-Up. My socks are amazing.

Oh, so get this. My parents get me in the car and you know how I am in the car: instant sleep man. Well we drive for like 10 minutes and of course I'm passed out, expecting a good 30-60 min nap. So we stop and they're like ok come on, time for your costume contest! I was not thrilled if you can tell. Ugh.


I know I may look stupid, but what the hell are you dressed up as? Ugly baby?

Waiting to hear the results. I guess you have to be ugly with no taste to win this contest. Typical, us Ross's never win. We already have too much going for us. Hey Mr. Cupcake man in the background, what are you smiling at? Never seen a handsome puppy baby? Please!

Did I mention already that I hate my life?

Words can't even describe my feelings.


You just wait till you get old Mom and Dad, you just wait!!!

Trick or treating with mom and dad at Preston's house. He got to stay inside and take a nap. Some babies are just lucky.

More trick or treating

Best part of the day: putting on the Jason mask. I think I know what I want to be next year Mom!!!!


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