Monday, November 22, 2010

My first brewery tour

Yeah I bet when you read the title of this blog, you were like oh ok so Rachel went to a brewery for the first time, but ha no this is Brady. I know, 6 months old people!! Yeah the good 'ol parents took me out on a Thursday night to go see a brewery/distillery in the next city over, La Vista. And yes, it was after 5. So how cool did I feel rolling into a brewery? Yeah not cool at all. I rolled my stroller in there and all conversations stopped. Yep, I was that kid at the brewery. If I could talk I woulda said "Hey yeah guys I'm a baby in a alcohol factory, not like I could tell my parents to leave me at home." Sheesh! Well here are some pictures from my first time at a brewery:

Lucky Bucket brewery. That guy was the owner. What a jerk. Hello little baby, is this your first time at a brewery? No buddy, I do this every day. Ugh! Seriously?

Yep, that's me with the brewery in my background. I'm white as a ghost and shocked as hell to be here. Yeah sure dad, use my stroller as a cup holder.

Looking around for help. Doesn't anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Um yeah, you really need to get a new bouncer Lucky Bucket. They obviously have no idea when an id is a fake!

Some beer stuff I'm sure my Papa would appreciate.

This should be the picture on your parent of the year award mom. Umm not!!

This is where they make the vodka. I think it's so inappropriate that I know this.

The only good thing about this tour was the ladies in our group. Man did they want me! The guy would be talking about beer and the 3 ladies would be like ohhh look he smiled, he's so cute(me, not the beer guy)!!! I was like check me out ladies, I can take you to a bar in 20.5 years!!

Yeah cool mom, take my picture by a bunch of barrels of aged whiskey. Yeah, cool.

Yep, I made sure I got my own sample. It was formula and everyone was very jealous.

Ok now time for some great pictures of me. Don't be afraid when I melt your hearts ladies.

My dad did my hair and I think it looks great.

Spiky, but subtle.

Innocent boy playing with train.

Hey mommy, whatchu lookin at?

Sometimes I like to eat naked, so sue me!


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