Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow!

Well, snow has finally hit Nebraska! We were very excited for Brady to see his first snow. He wasn't really sure what to think though! Rascal was excited to run through the white fluffy stuff again and thought that if it could snow on the deck, then that must be the same as grass, so he could make that his new bathroom! Not too much is new with us here. Brian is trying to get in his minimum 3 flights a month, and that's been a struggle because there's so many pilots trying to get their hours in. Brady's busy trying hard to crawl and making as many squeals as he can. I'm big time in the Christmas mood and have got most of my shopping done and have started wrapping presents already! Weird, I know! Here are some pictures from the first snow:

Snow on our deck

First snowflakes Brady's ever seen!

Brady standing in the snow. What the heck is this?!

Snow in his hair!! :)

It made him crazy!!

Brady and his daddy. The loves of my life. :)

Brady in his Vikings jersey. A little big yet. Didn't help them win though. :(

Go Vikings!!


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