Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yeah that's right another Brady post!

Please read my Halloween post first. Thanks. Well after that traumatic day, my parents tried to make things better by having my grandparents come to town and letting me do fun stuff. It worked. What can I say, I'm an easy guy to please (the zoo is awesome!!!) I'm a big guy now, half a year old! I can date 2 year olds now and not feel weird about it. I'm almost crawling (so frustrating!), and I'm eating baby foods with meat in it (umm have you tried Gerber's sweet potatoes with turkey? Yes ma'am!!), and I sit up all on my own. I would say I have accomplished quite a bit in the last 6 months, plus continue to get more and more better looking. Well, here are some pictures:

Hee hee, caught me!
I won't help you put it away, but I'll look cute in it!

Wearing my hot boy clothes

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Da&%it legs move!!!!

Don't you know it's illegal to take pictures of babies when they are unaware of it?

Deep thoughts in a pile of leaves.

Wait a minute, I can sit up?!

Holy $h!@ I can sit! Awesome!!!!

Holy. Crap. My. Dad. IS. A. MONKEY!!!!

My mom and grandma have no idea what my dad really is!

Visiting my dad's birthplace, the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Whoa, these fishies are amazing!!!!

Wait a minute, that was on my pants? Seriously guys? The embarassment never ends. Geez!!

Looking at where my daddy must go to work.

Dear Gorilla, Please don't go through the glass. I am just a sweet, little boy and see, my parents aren't very smart putting up a baby next to a gorilla and please don't hurt me!!!

Just chillin with the Grams

Oh yeah Gramma, push me higher!! Swinging is awesome!!!!

Look, I can sit on the caterpillar Nana and Papa got me!!

Ok yes, I am a ticklish baby. So sue me.


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