Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today we had another ultrasound to see how big our little boy has gotten. And big he is!! I had my ultrasound at the Offutt AFB hospital and it was amazing! I was able to have an hour ultrasound and even got a 3D photo of him! He was asleep most of the time and didn't really want his picture taken so we had to try every position just to get a somewhat good picture of his face. We had this ultrasound to estimate his size (from now on he will gain a half a pound a week) to see if my small pelvis could accommodate him or if a c-section would be a more practical option. At 32 weeks he is 4 lbs, 12 oz, so at his time of birth (assuming he came at 40 weeks) he would be right around 9 lbs!!! I have an appointment next week with my doctor, this guy was just an ultrasound tech, but it's looking like we may have a c-section or be induced early since he's so big! Must be those Ross genes! :) He really has gotten so much bigger since the last ultrasound at 18 weeks and it was so fascinating to see the 4 chambers of his heart, his spine, kidneys, little butt, and bones, and of course his sweet little face. He was making the cutest faces! His head is down, and his butt is pushed up into my ribs which may be why I've been so uncomfortable this week. I'm not sure of exactly how long he is, I will have to ask my doctor next Wednesday, but everything looked good! He said the way the baby is measuring, he would put my due date 13 days ahead of where I'm at now. Which would make it April 16th! That's not completely accurate though, because he may just be a big baby. So we will see! Another fascinating thing on the ultrasound was seeing his hair, and he has a full head of hair! That explains all the heartburn! :) Brian and I are just so excited and can't wait to meet him! Brian's ready for me to have him now, but that may change once we go to our childbirth classes this Saturday and he sees what it's like!

This week is Brian's last week on casual status so we have tried doing something every day since he won't have free time like this for a looong time! We've gone indoor mini golfing, walking, shopping, and we even made a casino trip (not successful though). We went to the Omaha Zoo yesterday and it was great! It was really big though and spread out so after about two and half hours my body said no more! I can see why it's a renowned zoo because the exhibits were awesome. Here are a few pics:

The 3-D image of his face. Kind of hard to see, but it's a profile shot of his eye, nose, lips. chubby cheek, and a little bit of his chin. He kept turning his head so this is the best one we got.

Here's the 2-D image of his face. Kind of hard to see again because he just did not want to be photographed!

Rascal doing what he does best!

Horrible picture but we went to a local park for a walk since it was a warm 38 degrees out! We're not in Mississippi anymore, that's for sure!

Brian and Rascal walking around in sweatshirts! No more jackets!
The Omaha Henry-Doorly Zoo


Brian pointing at the monkeys in the indoor jungle. I swear people he is intelligent!

Me walking across a slippery and scary bridge!
You can't really tell but there's a waterfall behind me

A gorilla! Brian turned his back to him and the gorilla got really mad and pounded on the glass. Can't take Brian anywhere. Seriously.

Inside the desert dome. I don't know why he takes pictures like this. People probably thought I brought him out for a "special day out". Like I said, can't take him anywhere.


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