Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello from snowy Omaha! Unfortunately yes, it is snowing here again. I really thought spring was almost here, but no, it's been snowing all morning. :( Things have been going pretty well here. Last Saturday Brian and I went to our prepared childbirth class at the hospital we're delivering at. It was 8 hours and most of the information we both knew, but I think we both feel a lot more prepared for what to expect. We were trying to do breathing and relaxation exercises but of course with Brian the way he is, made me laugh the whole time! We also got a tour of the maternity ward and it was super nice and calming so I honestly feel a lot better about it since I'm not a huge fan of hospitals. Brian was excited about the flat screen tvs with built in dvd players and the fancy lights he could play with. :) I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is going really well still. I will see her in 2 weeks where she'll start checking me weekly and I think we'll know more at that point whether we'll go for a vaginal birth or a c-section. We learned that Alegent Health has a 12% c-section rate compared to the national average of 30%, so I'm thinkin we'll probably try a vaginal birth. I'm at 33 weeks and feeling ok. Some days are better than others. My heartburn has gotten really bad and it's getting hard to get out of bed, and put pants, socks, and shoes on. I'm starting to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still a distant light! :) It's going to be interesting moving in to our house on the 22nd but I am so thankful my parents are coming out that weekend to help. We are so excited and so ready to get settled in and set up the nursery. Rascal's excited for his fenced-in backyard! Brian started his training this past Monday and is liking it for the most part. So far it's been mostly briefings (a lot of them are top secret so he can't tell me anything!) but he's starting to get back into the flying mindset after being casual for a month and a half. Some of you may be familiar with Mustache March. It's a tradition in the Air Force to grow a mustache in March, and it was super big at Columbus Air Force Base. I am happy to report that at Offutt AFB it is much less popular and after 5 days of growing his, Brian decided to shave it because he just looked the creepy lone guy in training! Here are some pictures from the past week:

The Gene Ferrey pedestrian bridge that links Omaha to Council Bluffs, IA. It was a horribly dreary day but it was fun nonetheless!

Downtown Omaha from the bridge.

More of the bridge

Rascal in Iowa and Nebraska at the same time!

Me too! Yes I know we are dorks! :)

Brian's turn!

Brian playing on a statue. Rascal and I pretended we didn't know him!

Flashback (3/18/2009) This is what I got to look at last March

This is what I get to look at this March!!! :) Brian with his new patches. It's like he's a real pilot!

My belly at 33 weeks. Rascal gets annoyed now that when we snuggle my belly is in his way!


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