Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!

We have finally moved into our house and we love it! Closing went well on the 22nd and the movers came with our things on Tuesday the 23rd. It's been a lot of work, but our house is really coming together! We love pulling in the driveway and knowing that this place is ours and it's really starting to feel like a home. Brian's been really busy with training and hasn't had too much time to unpack so I did a lot of it myself, with plenty of breaks! :) My parents and Casey (their dog) came this past weekend and were soo much help! We honestly couldn't have done it without them. My mom and I finally got the nursery put together and I feel so much better now that that is done. We washed all of his clothes and things and now he can come anytime! It was great to see them and we really appreciate all of their help.

On Friday, Brian found out that he will be flying the Rivet Joint which is a model of the RC-135. His new squadron is the 343rd squadron. We don't know much about it now, but once he finishes training in July that's where we'll go! He's been working really hard. He's been having 10-12 hour days with 1-3 hours of homework and studying at home. That on top of having to do things to get settled in has left him super busy! He's a trooper though and I love him! :)

Rascal loves his new house and his backyard. He likes chasing the local bunnies and just wandering around the yard. We've been going on walks in the neighborhood and he's been checking out the local dogs and best spots to pee. I think he's finally realized that we're staying put for awhile so he's relaxed a lot.

I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and am definitely ready for this baby to make his entrance into this world. Moving at 8.5 months pregnant has been no picnic and I do not want to do that again! I have started my weekly appointments now. At the last appointment I was not dilated at all but was 60% effaced (thinned-out) so my body is definitely getting ready for labor. She said that my belly is all baby and that the next weeks until he is born is going to be very uncomfortable for me due to my very short torso. I've been having contractions daily now and last night had them for 5-6 minutes for 4 hours. We thought it might be time, but went to bed, and they went away. My doctor said that due to the baby's size she would be comfortable with me delivering at any time now so I don't have to make these contractions go away. I hope that at my next appointment on Wednesday I will have made more progress! For now, I'm going to try and enjoy these last few weeks of silence and time with Brian before he comes. :)

Our house really hasn't been decorated yet, but I wanted to share some pictures of what it looks like so everyone can see our house. I will put up after pictures once every room is decorated. Get ready for a lot of pictures! :)
Rascal was the first one in the house. Mom, is this house ours?!

The front of the house with my car in the garage!

Brian, Rascal, and I by our new grill on our deck! I am looking huge! :)

The Ross Family in front of our house

A close-up picture with Casey in the doorway!

The kitchen

Another view of the kitchen looking out into our backyard

Our living room (huge mess!)

The hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms

Brian and my dad setting up the crib!

The crib and changing table with Rascal sneaking in!

Not completely done decorating the nursery yet, but here's his dresser/bookcase

Our bedroom, the master bedroom

Guest bathroom

A view of our backyard

The back of our house

On the deck looking into the kitchen/living room

Our downstairs with the fireplace. This room is mess so that's the only view I'm putting up! :)

Our front yard

The plane Brian will be flying

He had an "assignment night" where he got his new squadron. I thought it was funny because he's in class 10-04 again!

Brian with his new squadron patch

Close-up of his new patch

Large and in charge! 35.5 weeks and looking tired!
Front view of the belly on an unpacking break


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