Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it Spring Yet?

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. With all of the moving, I couldn't find the USB cord for the camera but this afternoon I finally found it! We are now in our furnished apartment and it is soo much better than the TLFs. The only downside is that we're on the third floor and it's kind of a pain to let Rascal out but other than that it's great! :) We've been enjoying living here. I have made a few trips to the local Target and Dairy Queen so life is good! :) It's been super cold here and I am so ready for spring to get here. I have really turned into a wimp. I keep looking at the weather in Columbus, MS and it just makes me sad so I just count the number of days until spring instead. Brian is all in-processed and only has to go to PT (physical training) Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings so we've had time to explore the area, go shopping, watch the Olympics, and enjoy the last quiet weeks we'll have together before the baby comes. We finally got Tricare all switched over so I was able to get all set up with a new OB-GYN. I had the option to be seen on base by military doctors or to be seen off base by a civilian provider. I chose to go off base because the hospital is much closer to our new home. My new doctor's name is Dr. Heather Taggart and I had my first appointment with her yesterday. I love the hospital and the practice and feel so much better that it's all set up and I have a doctor again! Brian and I signed up for some childbirthing classes too which Brian is oh so looking forward to and will have those on March 6th (it's just a one day 8 hour class). So everything is coming together. We're just waiting patiently to close on our home and then soon after that our little one will be here! I'm at 31 weeks now and life is getting much more uncomfortable but I know it's all worth it and other than that the pregnancy is still going really well. It's really starting to get real that we're going to have a baby soon and that giving birth is in the near future! I have another ultrasound next Wednesday to see how big the baby is and I'm so excited to see how big he's gotten because by the way he moves and kicks he feels pretty big! :) Here are some pictures from our recent adventures:

My little man and I recovering from the move. He's the best snuggle partner ever!

Rascal playing ball in the snow. He absolutely loves the snow and there is plenty!

Before he got his haircut, after playing in the snow

Brian in the Old Market, a tourist area in downtown Omaha

Me at 29.5 weeks pregnant

Me at 31 weeks pregnant front view

31 weeks, getting bigger! :)

Rascal relaxing and enjoying his new life in Nebraska


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