Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!! Rascal and I are cheering on the Gophers in the NCAA tournament. It's funny, I will watch a Gophers basketball game every once in awhile, but during March Madness I watch almost every college game that's on! Brian and I both filled out brackets and I am doing so bad so far. Too many upsets by teams I wouldn't expect to win! Oh well, we just need 40 points to win a free appetizer at Old Chicago's! Speaking of Old Chicago's, Brian had something exciting happen to him this week. He became a member of the World Beer Tour and completed the Tap O' The Morning mini beer tour and got a free t-shirt. He was pretty happy! :)

Things have been going well here. Brian continues to have training every day. He has his first simulator next week so he's pretty excited. I still don't get to hear much of what he does because it's "super secret" as Brian calls it. He can't even bring things home with him to study for tests because it's all top secret. It'll be even more interesting when he's actually flying and can't tell me where he's been or what he's done!

I've been getting bigger. I swear every day when I look in the mirror, my tummy is just a little bit bigger! I'm at 34 weeks now and life has been better! :) I have good days and then some bad ones. I've been having some trouble sleeping at night due to horrible heartburn, leg cramps, and just generally being really uncomfortable. I guess it's good practice for the sleepless nights to come! Brian has been the best, not that I thought he would be anything but. He's always asking if I need anything, taking Rascal out for me, cooking dinner, and filling up my water glass! I am so spoiled and blessed to have him. I'm excited for my doctor's appointment next Wednesday to see where I'm at!

Rascal has been doing well. He loves sleeping in with mom and is a great snuggle partner. He's been playing lots of ball and enjoying the warmer weather. The highlight of his day is when his dad comes home and they play ball. He's been such a good boy! He's excited to see Casey next weekend and show her Nebraska.

We are soo sooo excited to close on our house this Monday!! We have a walk through this afternoon to make sure that everything is in good condition. We are so ready to have our things and get everything set up and settled! I will post pictures of the house once we are moved in!

Here are some recent pictures of the Ross family:

We have officially cut off all evidence that we lived in Mississippi! :)

Tori, Brian's car is now a Nebraska resident!

I love Mondays when Brian wears his blues. Even though he makes funny faces, I think both him and Rascal are adorable! That's our super white kitchen in the background of the furnished apartment we're in.
A close-up of my men!

34 weeks

Feeling huge! :)


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