Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope that everyone had a great Easter! We sure did here in Nebraska! We spent our first Easter in our new home and it was great. We tried a new Catholic church here in Papillion for their Easter service, came home and cooked a traditional ham dinner, and then went to a friend's for dessert! I can't believe that Easter has come and gone and that we're really in to the month of April. I have been thinking about April for 9 months and what it would be like!

I am at 37 weeks and am ready to have this baby anytime now! At my last appointment the only thing that had changed was that the baby was further down into my pelvis. He's at a 0 station for those that know about that, and I am definitely feeling a lot more pressure. I've been having contractions pretty much everyday, but they've been very inconsistent and go away fairly quickly. Brian and I have been going on walks every night because it feels good to get out and exercise and I like thinking that I'm helping things move along! I think that we are both ready for this little boy to come and I know I am ready to have my body back! We will keep you all posted! :)

Brian and I got the chance to go see his brother Danny this past week because his baseball team (University of North Dakota) was playing the University of Nebraska in Lincoln which is about 45 minutes from Omaha. It was great to see him, although it was brief, and it was a beautiful night for baseball. Here are some recent pictures:

Danny warming up. He's number 8

The baseball stadium was amazing!

Nighttime view

Me on Easter (I really need a haircut!)

Side view of baby and I. 36.5 weeks

The Ross family on Easter


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