Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Early Birthday Surprise

Let me start this off by saying that Brian is an amazing guy. He's such a wonderful husband, father, and person in general. He's just great and I'm super smitten with him (and have been since I was 15). One thing that Brian is not, however, is good at surprising me. In that he never really tries to. I am kind of a control freak and don't super enjoy surprises but this guy, he got me. 

Last Thursday Brian took the day off. It was Brady's day at preschool to be line leader and to have a parent/guardian volunteer in the class. Siblings aren't welcome so I told Brian I needed him to take the day off to help. I fully expected him to stay home with Layla but he wanted to volunteer in Brady's classroom. This guy. I tell ya.

Could Brady look any happier to have his daddy go to school with him? Just feeling so, so blessed that Brian is home to things like this.

They had a great day and Brady came home with this. Look at that smile! I sure adore that little boy.

But that wasn't the surprise. No.  I had been asking Brian to ask our friends if they wanted to get together that night for dinner and he kept saying ehh no they're busy and then making up several excuses. I thought that was odd, but whatever. I decided to go for a run at like 4:00 but wanted an answer out of Brian for what he wanted to do for dinner. I could tell something was going on so being the annoying control freak that I can be, I kept pressing for answers. Finally he spilled the beans..be ready by 6...wear something casual nice....and the babysitter is coming. Whhaaa?? I didn't know that he knew the name of our babysitter let alone contacted her! This was so unlike anything Brian's ever done so I was super perplexed about what we were doing. And then my thoughts went to the house. It was 5:00 at this point, I needed to get showered and ready, make something for the kids for dinner, and pick up the house. It's amazing how clean you can get your house when there's a deadline.

Finally 6:00 rolled around, we were ready, the babysitter was here, the house was mostly clean, everyone was eating and it was time to go. I still had absolutely no clue what we were doing and was still being super annoying as to what was going on (I am a joy to surprise). I looked at my phone, realized the date, and was like OH MY GOODNESS ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE IMPRACTICAL JOKERS???!!!??!!  See, Brian and I always watch this show on Tru TV Thursday nights called Impractical Jokers. Most of you have probably not heard of it, but seriously you need to watch it. It's 4 guys who have known each other since high school who decided to start a hidden camera prank show where they coerce one another into doing public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras. This show differs from other prank television shows in that the stars of Impractical Jokers do not know the details of the prank until the moment they are performing it on strangers (thanks, Wikipedia).  Bottom line is it's hilarious. I have several saved on my dvr because if I'm having a crappy day I can just turn it on and it's guaranteed to make me laugh my bottom off. It's seriously so funny. Watch it.

Anyway, these guys are doing a tour around the US and I had mentioned to Brian months ago that they were coming to Colorado Springs and how it'd be fun to see them.  And without me knowing, he bought the tickets! YAY!! So we headed out for a quick dinner before the show.

We got to the event center and waited in a loooong line for a drink. So, we took a selfie. Duh.


Waiting for the show to start. The guy behind me looks thrilled. In his defense, they were about 15 minutes late!

 The show was HILARIOUS. I didn't know what to expect because their show is pranks they play on people. But they talked about their experiences, showed some never seen footage from the show, talked about their lives and their friendships, talked about the things they did in Colorado Springs and their stories were just hilarious. They're also known as The Tenderloins and have been doing comedy for years. Ignore my crappy iPhone photo!

It was such a wonderful evening and such a wonderful early birthday surprise. Brian has missed the last 2 birthdays of mine due to deployments so this surely made up for that! Now I just need to be not so annoying so I can be surprised more often! :)


Jen said...

What an awesome surprise! He is a good man! :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

What an awesome birthday surprise! I love surprises, and Jarrod does pretty good every once in a while. I guess it's kind of good that he doesn't do it very often because then I would come to expect something.

The Chick Nest said...

Way to go Brian! Happy Birthday dear friend! You deserved this special treat!!! Looks like you had a blast!!!

Shannon said...

How stinking awesome!! You do have a pretty rad hubby. And of course, happy birthday!

Laura Darling said...

What an amazing surprise!! Major points to your husband! :) We watch Impractical Jokers too - it always just cracks me up!

Becky Dougherty said...

I love surprises! And this sounds like a good one! Points tor Brian! :) Happy Birthday!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

So sweet!!

Hana R said...

I hate surprises too, but every once in a while, if don't correctly, they can be nice! I'm glad you got a nice surprise! What a great hubby!

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