Thursday, October 9, 2014

30 Before 30-An Update

***Sooo...this post was scheduled to go live on Thursday...but you actually have to hit publish for it to work.  We just got back from a long weekend in Minnesota and Nebraska so while I'm catching up on house things, here's what you were supposed to see last week!***

In honor of my 29th (yikes!!!) birthday today, I wanted to post an update on my 30 before 30 list. I have only been doing these things for 6 months so I have a lot to accomplish in a year! Let's see how I've been doing (green means completed, yellow means in the works!):

30 BEFORE 30!

1. Visit Destin, FL and swim in the ocean there. DONE thanks to the Air Force sending us to Alabama!
2. Go to Yellowstone National Park: We're planning on doing a cross country road trip next May and this is top on our list!
3. Take a girls weekend. DONE! Crossed off both #1 and #3 thanks to Girls Beach Weekend in May
4. Run another 10k or possibly a half marathon?? Running a 10k on October 19th!
5. Read 100 books. Ehh I've probably read like 15 so far??? I think 100 may be near impossible for me right now in this stage of life.
6. Take a vacation alone with Brian. This may be in the works. Maybe. Hopefully.
7. Go to the East Coast. So what do we consider East Coast? Virginia? That may be in the works as well.
8. Leave a 100% tip for excellent service. Wow, how have I not done this yet? This will be on my month to-dos.
9. Go to a hot springs. Still haven't done this but hope to this winter!
10. Pay for someone's coffee in line behind me.  On my to do list for this month as well.
11. Take a photography class. Yeahhh..still don't really know how to use my camera.
12. Run 50 miles in one month. I actually did this! I didn't even realize it but after looking at my training app I ran 53.8 miles in September...woohoo!
13. Plant vegetables in a garden and don't kill them. Yeah..probably not going to happen. But never say never!
14. Pick 1 month and don't go out to eat at all. Another one that will be a HUGE struggle. Perhaps February? Aka the shortest month.
15. Make a green smoothie. Again, how have I not done this yet? I went to Jamba Juice and ordered a green smoothie, does that count??
16. Go to an outdoor concert. Perhaps next summer? Red Rocks?
17. Go the 4 corners (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona). Maybe, hopefully on our cross-country road-trip next spring?
18. Go antiquing. Done!! Did this in both Alabama and Colorado! So fun!
19. Give sushi another try. Do I have to????
20. Try skiing in Colorado again. This winter. I will do this. And I will not cry this time.
21. Make something with a sewing machine. One day, one day.
22. Drive from northern California to southern California. Again, on our plans for our cross-country trip!
23.  Go to a wine and painting place. Hopefully will do this this fall!
24.  Do a pay it forward week with the kids. Planned for November! :)
25. Have a garage sale. Next summer!
26.  Join a tennis league or play in a tennis tournament. Definitely doing this next summer! 
27.  Have my makeup done professionally one time. Maybe for the squadron Christmas party in January?
28. Take a family trip somewhere with as much family as possible. I want to do this so bad! Just need to coordinate everyone's schedules!
29.  Cook a turkey. Christmas time..yes??
30. Get a real Christmas tree. Christmas. We will do this!

Soo I've done 4. 4 things in 6 months. I need to get on the ball! But I do have 8 things that are in the works?

But anywho, I vow to live up this last year of my 20's as much as possible. I am so thankful for all that I have, all that I've done in my 29 years on this earth. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, children, family, and friends. And a special thanks to my parents for bringing me into this world, couldn't have done it without you! :)


Jen said...

I think you have done great so far!! :)

Janelle Vannice said...

A) The Glenwood Hot Springs are amazing. Go.

B) Congrats on 50+ miles in one month!

C) The Four Corners was such a let down - but still something to check off your list for sure! It was COOL to take a picture in four states at once, but... it was very anticlimactic.

D) I don't think I've ever NOT cried while skiing in CO... and I went 5+ times each winter, haha, so props to you if you make it happen!

E) The Sweet Elephant in Old Colorado City has a REALLY fun wine/painting class. We really enjoyed it with another couple. The wine was great, AND we now have awesome paintings of Garden of the Gods to help us remember beautiful COS as we move around!

F) These posts are so hard to comment on because I want to say so much! haha!

Becky Dougherty said...

Green smoothie: throw a handful of spinach into any smoothie you are making. Instantly green. :)

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