Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things I've Been Making

Ever since we've moved to Colorado and I've had a kitchen again after the months of craziness, I've been pinning and trying a bunch of recipes from Pinterest. I realize that by no means am I a food blogger but I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes lately!

I know you can buy it in a bag at the store but it's just not the same!  My favorite homemade Chex Mix recipe is from Pioneer Woman. Yumm!! I've made this several times since we've been here and have had rave reviews. There's also a recipe on the back of Rice/Corn Chex boxes and that one is delish too!

Super easy, super yummy, and super fast to make. Here's the recipe!  I usually add ground beef or ground sausage to it too but it's good all on its own!

Ok, not the best picture but someone (er, me) wanted to taste test that it was done before I got to taking a picture.  I had a ton of extra strawberries so I decided to make this easy dessert. If you want to make a super easy strawberry cobbler, follow that link!  I added some vanilla ice cream and it was yummo!


I've never been to this Magnolia's place but I sure love me some banana pudding. This recipe was fairly easy, although I really struggled making the whipped cream (I'm working on trying it again!).  I'm happy to report I had some Cool Whip in the fridge and that worked well but I'm certain homemade whipped cream would make it that much better!

I sadly didn't get a picture of these, but they were easy to make and a great summer treat!

And last but not least..PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BARS
You use yellow cake mix, peanut butter, and chocolate to make this recipe and it is so, so good! It's seriously hard to eat just one!

We also recently bought a treadmill so since I've been consuming all of these foods...time to go running!


Jen said...

Okay can you come cook for me?! Haha! YUM!

Shannon said...

And now I'm drooling.

Alejandra said...

Yummy lasagna and pudding! I'll be stealing both of these recipes!

Melody T. said...

The Pioneer Woman has some of the best recipes! I also always want to post my food pictures but I always worry because they aren't very professional. Your recipes look great, I might try a few of them.

Hana R said...

I love homemade chex mix!!!!

Sarah said...

I didn't realize I needed a bowl of chex mix in my life until I saw that picture.

Janelle Vannice said...

I love these things! I haven't made them all exactly as you did, but YUM! The one I haven't tried is strawberry cobbler, but it sounds like an amazing idea... so maybe I'll give that a go soon! Thanks for the idea! :)

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