Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stuff and Things

I don't really have a specific topic to write about  today so I thought I'd participate in Kristin's link up this week!

1. It's so weird not being in an operational squadron anymore.  We had our first squadron get together last night and there are something like 17 people in the squadron!  It's so small compared to Offutt but I think it's going to be great having a smaller, hopefully tight-knit group. We shall see! We also know that Brian won't deploy for at least 2 years here and we are BEYOND THANKFUL for this!
The chapel at the Air Force Academy

2. Brady is a hiking junkie.  We had a friend from high school in town last weekend and they hiked a pretty challenging hike. He was not phased.

3. Speaking of hiking, it's probably our family's favorite activity here.
This was at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. And this was about as high as I wanted to go with the 2 little ones. 

Catching a rare moment of Layla not whining or sassing.

Brian and Brady took a different path to higher up. This kid, I tell ya, he's something else.

4. Help! Layla is terrified of the toilet in public restrooms! I wouldn't say that we're potty training her quite yet but if she tells me she has to go, I'll take her. We had a bad run in with a toilet that had an automatic flush that kept flushing while she was trying to go. And now she shakes and screams when we go in public restrooms. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do to make it better for her?

5. I've been nominated for top Military Mom Blog!  I have no idea who nominated me, but THANK YOU!  If you have time please follow the link and look for The Ross Family. Look for the picture of Layla giving the stink eye. I'm sure that beautiful picture alone will get us votes.  

Vote For Me Please! (I put the wrong link initially, hope this one works, scroll down to #40!)

6. I cannot believe it's already 4th of July weekend. Where has this year gone? Hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Jen said...

Wow that chapel is beautiful!!!

Kristin said...

We were thinking about going to Cheyenne Canon tomorrow to hike and look around. Or, rather, I was thinking that. Scott told me to look for something "fun" to do.

Thanks for linking up! :)

Hana R said...

What a pretty place for hiking, and the chapel is gorgeous!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Wow! That chapel is amazing! And I love the hiking pics! We can't wait to hit the trails here.

Shannon said...

Another blog mom had the same issue with public bathrooms and she keeps a bunch of sticky notes in her purse and lets her daughter put the sticky note over the sensor (it's a fun game for her) and that way the toilet won't flush until you remove the sticky note when it's done.

Maybe try that?

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Kev was an ROTC instructor at Wake Forest for 3 years and it was such a weird assignment because it was so small. We did love having him home all the time though so enjoy it!

The Chick Nest said...

Love the sticky note idea! I'm going to try that! My kids cover their ears and that makes peeing difficult! Love that chapel - very cool! So very jealous of all of your hiking adventures! Looks like you are already making the most of your outdoor backyard!

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