Monday, June 23, 2014


Why is that title in all caps?  Because after 3 months of essentially being nomads, WE MADE IT!!  See, I had to do it again, it's that exciting.  I have a lot more to recap of our time in Minnesota (family time, birthdays, class reunion, and wedding) but I just had to blog about the most exciting stuff first now that we finally have internet..  We left Omaha last Monday (yeah, another stop in Omaha, that goodbye was at least 3 times over), and drove the 9 hours to Colorado Springs (more about that later).
WE MADE IT! Caps one last time for good measure.

Driving through town admiring the mountains.

We made it to our house Monday evening and having never seen it (we had friends tour it for us) we were really pleased with the house. Especially the view from the windows.  Our house is west facing (mountain views) and we have a beautiful Pike's Peak view from our front door and front bedrooms. 

We may not have had cable, internet, or our things but we had a decently stocked fridge, dang it. Priorities.

On Wednesday our things came. Brady was beyond excited. He woke up at 6:30 that morning screaming "MY CAR IS COMING TODAY!!!"  He had to wait a looong 3 hours until they came but when they did those movers probably felt like royalty with the welcome Brady gave them. They were laughing as they were unloading because Brady acted like it was Christmas with each and every item that came off.

To give the movers some space I took the kids on a walk to the nearby elementary school. There's a nice playground there, not pictured. I was too busy taking pictures of the mountains.

Unpacking is way less fun than I remember. Actually the last time we unpacked I was 35 weeks pregnant with Brady but I think from living in suitcases the last 3 months and packing and unpacking several times the novelty of it wore off. But the kids have had fun with the boxes!

And they think it's like Christmas seeing all of their things again. "OOH Mommy! What's in that box? Open it, open it!!"

Brady's been a pretty awesome helper too moving boxes for me.

We also did our first touristy thing (Garden of the Gods, more on that in a later post) for our 6th anniversary. 

So if you've been wondering what we've been up to:
*We made it to Colorado!!!
*We're pleasantly surprised with our new home, a house we'd never seen until arriving.
*We have way too much stuff and have been unpacking pretty much every free moment.
*We are absolutely in love with Colorado Springs and have so much on our to-see lists for Colorado Springs and Colorado in general.
*We're really excited to have visitors...who's going to be our first?!


Jen said...

Yay for making it to Colorado!!!! :) We just celebrated our 6th anniversary too, it's a good number. :)

Sarah said...

I am SOO jealous you went to Garden of the Gods!! Please take 126 more pictures for me. :) Happy anniversary!!

Shannon said...

OH - I'm so happy for you. Glad you are finally getting settles.

And for good measure - -- YOU MADE IT!!! (in all caps, naturally)

Jenn said...

Me me me me me!! I'll be your first visitor!! The mountains and sky and clouds are just STUNNING! And I like the looks of your fridge too. ;) Good luck unpacking! I usually end up chucking a lot of stuff when we're unpacking (and packing too) because I get too lazy to find a place for it. I am actually looking forward to the next great purge before we leave Korea. More pictures soon please!! AND YAY YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!!

Becky Dougherty said...

Yay! Congrats on finally making it to your new home! :)

Janelle Vannice said...

So glad you made it!!! yay! :) It's hard not to love it here!

The Chick Nest said...

WE MISS YOU! So happy you guys are there and getting settled in! Just makes me even more excited for my visit! :) You are super parents to do all that you have done in the last few months! Wow!

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