Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Last Days in Omaha

I can't believe how behind I am in my blogging...goodness! But back to a couple weeks our last days in Omaha.

The Wednesday before we left Brian had his fini (final) flight in his jet.

We got to go out to the flightline to watch Brian land his plane. Our friend took pictures for us and he caught this one of Brady saluting his daddy!

Walking out to greet Brian after his final landing.

Tradition is to get soaked with water and champagne so Brian knew what was coming his way when he stepped down!

And I got a full bottle of champagne to douse on him!

Family picture!

And a picture of Brian's crew on his final flight 

Brady and Layla even got to go in the plane, Brady thought it was pretty neat!

It was 90 and humid that day so that's the reason for the sweaty, red-faced children

So proud of him!

After 6 days in temporary housing we moved to our 4th place in 9 weeks...

A hotel..yay! Brady enjoyed breakfasts by the pool in his Spiderman pjs and fedora hat.

The last couple days were spent saying "see you later" to our best friends. 

And our friends threw us the nicest going away party. "It really blows that the Ross Family is pcs-ing" in a bowl of blow pops.

And a fun Farewell Ross's Colorado banner. A ton of our Offutt military friends are either from Colorado or have ties to Colorado so they had a lot of fun with this theme! And bonus is we'll get to see a lot of them while we're there!

And cute little going away cards in a Colorado mailbox with a ton of giftcards to Colorado restaurants. We seriously have the best friends ever!

The kiddos playing together

These girls...they're the best.  We made this fun group a year ago called the "Grape Girls" and we go out once a month sans men and kids and our time together usually involves wine (thus the grapes) and delish food. I'm going to miss this so much. And our friends that hosted live with a cornfield in their backyard..I mean how much more Nebraska can you get? ;)

And the guys..they're pretty great too.

Our last morning in Omaha was pretty low key. Breakfast by the pool again and a stop at our favorite Omaha place...the trains.

Goodbye Omaha, you've been so good to us.  

4 Years
4 Deployments
2 Kids
And too many Friends and Memories to count

Omaha, Nebraska, you'll always hold a special place in my heart!


Jen said...

You always have the best photos! I love this post. :)

Shannon said...

You should be proud of your man. Also - you look va va va voom awesome in that blue dress!!!

Becky Dougherty said...

I LOVE the photo of Brady saluting his daddy. Priceless! It definitely looks like you have had a wonderful 4 years in Omaha!

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