Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We Are Blessed

It's hard not having family nearby but we were seriously blessed to have family only 6 hours away.  Offutt was the closest base to home for us and now that we're moving, little weekend road trips won't be quite as easy.  So the weekend of the kids party we were so blessed to have our families drive to Omaha to celebrate with us.
Layla snuggling up with Grampa (my dad) after she woke up from naptime and everyone had arrived.

And later being silly after she'd had a sucker.

The first night we went to Texas Roadhouse while the boys golfed. That's Layla with Brian's sister, Aunt Cat, and Brian's brother's wife, Aunt Dana.

And Brady with Gramma (my mom). He loves Texas Roadhouse because of the peanuts and the dancing.  He calls it the peanut store whenever we drive by too.

A Layla and Mommy selfie during dinner.

The kids swinging with Aunt Dana

So lucky to spend time with their aunts!

That night we all went out to Midtown to do some wine tasting. I'm an only child so these 2 are my sisters.  I adore them to pieces and wish they were closer so we could do wine nights like this more often! 

And then there's these two...silly brothers.

I was pretty impressed with us, we stayed out till almost 1 am!

Brian with his brother and sister

And closing out the night with a fun group selfie.

Just had to share this picture of Layla with her Uncle Danny at their party. So sweet!

Since we were all together I made everyone take some family shots. Brian with his parents and brother and sister.

And Brian's family.  Brian's grandpa made the trek out from Ohio and we were so glad he was able to come. He's hilarious and so sharp and I'm so glad we got to see him again!

My camera's battery died and the kids were pretty much done taking pictures but here's a shot of my family! :)

Lunch with Great Grandpa before he flew home.

So like I said, we are blessed. Our family may not be physically with us at all times but they are so supportive and always there for us when we need them!  I hope we can have a lot more weekends like this one with all of us together!


Shannon said...

What a wonderful family. SO glad you got some quality time in with them! :)

Jen said...

Yay for quality time with family, it's the best! :)

Hana R said...

I've never appreciated family so much until we had kids and have been forced to live away from them! I love the photos, and love that you get to spend quality family time!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

family really is the best. I don't have sisters either so I cherish my sis in laws!

Jenn said...

That is so awesome that everyone came into town for a visit! How special! And look at you, party animal, staying out til 1! Rawr!

Marley Marie said...

Looks like a great weekend! We're far away from family too!! 8 hours by plane....yikes!

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