Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Minnesota in the summer

Minnesota in the summer is pretty magical. The winter, not so much. The summers definitely make up for the frigid, snowy winters.  In the beginning of June weather is absolutely gorgeous (think 70's and 80's with little to no humidity) and the only down side are those little dang mosquitoes.  It was the perfect time for us to visit and we were seriously SO busy while we were there.  Once Brian got into town (that Thursday after we got there) we pretty much hit the ground running!

We took the kids to the Mall of America (my parents literally live 5 minutes from there) and they love the Lego store so we played there for awhile.

And we rode a ton of rides. And when I say we, I clearly mean Brian and the kids.  I'm the professional bag holder/picture taker.  Brady was just tall enough to go on the big roller-coaster too and he seriously had a blast.

We went out on a limb and took the kids to Benihana's.  We really wanted it and thought the kids would like it and luckily they did! Could have been a horrible lunch had they decided to melt down but they loved the entertainment and the food.

They still wear these hats all around too!

One night Brian and I went out for margaritas and Mexican food to celebrate our anniversary early since we knew we'd be busy unpacking when it actually came.  We celebrated with the largest margaritas possible, duh!

We also hit up a super fun water park near my parents house. That's Brady and Brian going down the slide. They could have gone on that at least 20 times.

Layla enjoyed the pool somewhat but snacks and relaxing were what she was all about. Not surprising.

Just relaxing on the lazy river

Yay for waterparks! They look so thrilled, don't they?!

Layla was not impressed with our attempted selfie.

Last picture before we left. A big hug for her brother.

Another night we went to my old work-place, the 50's Grill. Yeah, I used to wear a poodle skirt.  And yes, I still have it! Layla thoroughly enjoyed tasting everything off of everyone's plates.

We went with my parents and my aunt and uncle who just celebrated 60 years together!!  It was so good to see them! They've always been like my grandparents since mine passed away when I was so young and it was so nice to have them spend time with the kids too.

The first Saturday we were there we celebrated our 10 year high school reunion. How can it possibly have been 10 years already?! Brian and I were both officers (he was treasurer, I was secretary) for our class so us along with 2 other officers planned our reunion. We just went with a really casual park picnic with a bar meet-up later.  Let it be known I will not be planning another reunion. For the most part everyone was really great to work with but there was a select few in our class that weren't happy with anything we did and let everyone know it.  Don't worry, more people showed up than this! This was just the "we're here, we did it, we hope people show up" picture.

We had a pretty decent turnout and all in all a good time!

Me with one of my best friends from elementary school that I hadn't seen since my wedding. That's what reunions are all about! Reconnecting with old friends!

And Brian and Spike (Layla's godfather, a good friend) dressed alike.

The kids even came for a little bit. They sure love their uncle Spike!

This was a picture from the bar meet-up. Fun times! And a well deserved very large beer in my hands! :)

While we were in Minnesota we also got to celebrate Brian's dad, Papa's, 50th Birthday. We had some yummy kabobs on the grill.


And cake, don't worry, there was cake!


And presents!

They sure loved seeing their grandparents!

If you're not tired yet from our trip, just 2 more things! The Thursday before we left we had a Minnesota Twins themed rehearsal dinner for the wedding Brian was the best man in.  The kids came too and we had to get a group shot of us in our Twins gear.

Saturday was the wedding and it was gorgeous.

Part of their theme was dogs since they love dogs and have 4 of them! Rascal got to be a table centerpiece! 

Brian giving his best man speech.

Always fun to get out and have some adult time!

My parents were there as well. I've known the groom since kindergarten and lived just down the street from him growing up.

Group shot of Spike, his girlfriend Jenna, and Brian and I.

Had to share this funny picture of my parents, Brian's parents, Brian, Brian's brother Danny (black wig), and I.  

And this gem of Spike and Brian. I still laugh every time I see it. 

So that was our trip!  The morning after the wedding we left to start our new adventure!


Jen said...

How fun!!! :) You looked beautiful at the wedding!

Jenn said...

Omg that last picture!! LOL And Layla. Of course I love every picture of her, but especially her with her snacks. And let me say that that margarita looks especially tasty! Looks like y'all had a great time back home!

Anonymous said...

AH! I'm so excited!! Minnesota summers really are the best. MOA and pool time are on our agenda, too. And a Twins game! Yay America!!

Hana R said...

Wow! It looks like so much fun! That water park looks pretty amazing too...definitely something that adults and kids could both enjoy! I'm not a Twins fan, but my best friend's little brother is one of their new starting pitchers, so I catch the games on TV if he's pitching...Phil Hughes!

Becky Dougherty said...

What a fun time!! Having just returned from our vacation, I've experienced some of the craziness you guys always seem to have when you, run, run, run. How do you guys do it? I'm currently on a vacation from my vacation. lol I've barely done anything since we got home!

Sarah said...

Love your pink dress. And that last picture just cracked me up. :)

Alejandra said...

So many great fun photos!! My 10 year reunion is next year. Eek! I didn't like anyone back then, so not sure if I plan on attending. Super cool that you got to plan it with your husband!

Shannon said...

Wow - you guys definitely made the most of your time there. I've been to the Mall of America once and loved it. Of course I did the roller coaster! :)

Great photos. The wedding ones were cracking me up. You guys seem like a lot of fun to hang out with!

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