Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Weekend-Montgomery Edition

This weekend was our first full weekend in Alabama and MAN were we busy!

Friday was a very rainy day and I had two very restless little ones.  They've been a little spoiled with the nice weather so a rainy day was just not to their liking. I decided a Walmart trip was in order because let's be honest that's a trip in itself.  I digress. I let them pick out some rain boots and holy moly, you would have thought I gave them a million dollars.

You mean we can go splash? IN the puddles?  

Entertainment for hours.

Daddy even came home early too! In his blimp suit aka his PT gear. I swear he doesn't weigh 400 lbs.

The evening the sun actually came out and after outfit changes from being soaking wet, we enjoyed a nice night out around the lake feeding the duckies.

Saturday morning we decided to check out historic downtown Montgomery. I was amazed at how much history took place there. Such as the bus stop where Rosa Parks did her thing. Layla and her baby were waiting in the back for their turn for a picture.

We also walked past the church Martin Luther King was a pastor at.

They climbed these stairs no less than 5 times.

And we also climbed the stairs to the Montgomery Capital

Couldn't make it past a couple monuments without a snack. Of course.

Standing on the steps of the capital looking down where the Selma March to Montgomery ended. Amazing to think about the history that occurred right on that street.

My children, obviously respecting history.

The spot where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated  as the Confederate President.

Brady standing in that spot

I actually got a picture of them looking and smiling! Must be a miracle!

Layla pushing a bell and then pooping her pants

Broken necklaces, babies, and poopy pants. Her day is complete.

If you're still reading, we then visited the First White House of the Confederacy. 

We even caught a tour as it was going on and it was pretty neat.

Aaand then it was definitely naptime so we headed out

And we found a very interesting wig in the garbage can. Only in the south. And only I would take a picture of something like this.

That night we went out for dinner at this awesome place that had FREE kids meals. Every. Day. AND free ice cream too.

I think we found our new favorite place.

And in other news, Saturday night WE GOT AN OFFER ON OUR HOUSE!!!!!! AND ACCEPTED IT!!! Here's a picture the realtor sent of our living room. I didn't even recognize it. Where are all of the toys?!  And the kid goo? We have an inspection this week and if all is good, then we will have sold our house! SUCH a relief!!

Aaand today we went to Day Out with Thomas in Calera, Alabama. It was a pretty rocky start but I'll recap that tomorrow on the blog.

These silly kids love their Thomas!

Afterwards we went to a bbq here at the apartments for all of the SOS families staying here. And now I'm going to go collapse on the couch. Such a busy weekend but we wouldn't have it any other way! :)


Jenn said...

Wowzers y'all are cramming in some sights! Good for you!! And to add a bit of history to your downtown Montgomery tour- I marched with the marching band in a parade in front of the capital when Gov Bob Riley was sworn in. Those streets are famous. Obviously. ;)

Jen said...

I love it!!! It makes me so happy when I see people enjoy the places they live. :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

Looks like a super busy weekend but a pretty fun one at that!! So glad you guys are enjoying it so far!!

Shannon said...

Oh the blimp suit comment made me spit out my water!! Hahahaha.

And I love the smiling pic of the kids on the stairs. That's a keeper!

Becky Dougherty said...

You guys sure know how to keep busy! It looks like an amazing weekend, though! :)

The Chick Nest said...

CONGRATS on the HOUSE!!!! What a relief! Now you can really just enjoy and relax! :)

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