Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our weekend and some other thoughts

I didn't really plan on blogging this week but I needed a break from the packing and the cleaning and needed to get my thoughts out. So here we are. I don't think it's really "hit" me that we're moving until today. Today I had my last MOPS (mothers of preschoolers, a group I've been a part of for 3.5 years) meeting and the goodbyes started.  And so did the tears. They came unexpectedly.  I've been telling myself that it's not goodbye yet because lucky us, we're coming back here in 2 months and get to do another round of goodbyes when we leave for Colorado. But I know that a majority of those people today I will not see again. I hate goodbyes. Absolutely hate them. I don't also really like change all that much. Which is kind of hilarious because as a military spouse you get a lot of those things.  

So today's been a little sad. Packing up our first home together, the house we brought both babies home from the hospital to, cleaning the rooms I spent so many hours rocking babies in, the kitchen where I learned to cook for a family of 4 in, the living room where my babies first learned to walk, and the bedroom where  I would sometimes cry myself to sleep and re-group myself during deployments. This house, we've been through a lot together. These past 4 years have been the craziest, hardest, and most wonderful years and I will forever remember this home as the one where we started our family.  I know that there's a chance that we may not sell this home and that we may come back to it in 2 months to only say goodbye to it again, but just in case I'm saying my silent goodbyes now.  I know that when we come back to Omaha I'll drive by this house, smile, and only remember the good times we had in it.  I can only pray for the next family that buys it that they have as many good memories in it as we have.

But enough of the heavy stuff! Just wanted to share a couple picture from our weekend too.

Saturday we went to Omaha's St. Patrick's Day parade.

It was a beautiful morning out!

Brady wasn't too sure of all of the politicians and Layla was scared of the loud noises but otherwise we had a fun time!

Layla did enjoy the candy

And Brady thought the politicians were ok once they started throwing candy at him

We finally painted our entryway gray to match the living room. Finally!! The previous owners had painted it green (which we didn't like but were too lazy to change)  and now it just looks so much better. We both said to each other, "Why didn't we do this years ago?!" 
This was the picture from when we first bought the house. The picture doesn't really do it justice, the green was pretty bad!

And this weekend we got Layla's first haircut and Brady's hair cut as well. She wasn't too sure at first.

Goodbye lady mullet!

But luckily she was very distracted by the bubbles.

I wish I got to sit in something that cool during my haircuts.

Brady and Layla giggling at each other

All done! She did great! It was just a little trim but her hair looks a lot better.

And then this kid always looks 10 years older after his haircuts

No more lady mullet!  In fact we all got our hair done this weekend, even the dog!

Monday we had doctor's appointments for both kids.  I figured we should get their well checks done now with the doctor they've had since birth. It was a little early but we made it work! Both kids are healthy, growing great, and did great at the doctor. So they both got St. Patrick's Day cookies. I told Brady to smile and this is what he gave me. I think he watches mommy have her picture taken a little too much, haha!

And then there's this guy. He shaved his mustache off so Brady picked out a rainbow cookie for him.  Nice pose too, Brian.

So that's it! You probably won't hear from me again until this weekend when we're (hopefully!) settled in Alabama.  I'm off to go do more packing and cleaning. Woohoo! :)


Hana R said...

I totally felt the same way about selling our first home! All I could think about was how it was the home we brought our first born to, and all the sentimental moments and memories that I cherished there!

Jen said...

It's so hard moving out of your first home! Hugs friend!

Marley Marie said...

You almost had me tearing up thinking of when we'll have to leave our house!! I hope it all goes smoothly and that your next house you love just as much!!!

Traci@TheHallway said...

Man... So much going on. I was the same way when we moved from Monterey because that was our first home as a family and where a lot of our firsts happen with Charli. But having those memories and the pictures make it so much easier! I hope everything goes well with the move. Will be looking forward to hearing from you when you get settled! Good luck!

Shannon said...

Oh, so sorry you're going through the emotions. I can only imagine how tough it must be.

Love the haircut photos!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

IT is so weird moving! Safe travels!

Becky Dougherty said...

Love the hair cuts! Brady is pretty much right to be unsure of those politicians. Maybe they should start throwing candy at adults, too! (Oh wait! They do! They're called campaign promises.....LOL)

Munchkins and the Military said...

I so cried reading the first part of this. It broke my heart to leave our first home for all of the same reasons. I still get teary eyed thinking about "Housey". Yes, I am absolutely nuts.

Jenn said...

Omg Brian's pose. And Brady's pose! Just a giggle a minute at your house, huh? And OMG YOU DID NOT CHOP OFF LAYLA'S LADY MULLET! AHHHH!! I hope she was properly compensated with some special treats aka cake.

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