Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I Love

Ok well I've gotten a lot of hate mail in the last week about my last blog. The headlines read, "Brady Ross, such a downer." I don't want to be known as the crabby guy that shines in Omaha, so I am going to try and be a little more positive, so this is my "Things I Love" blog. Shouldn't be too hard since my 3 (yep, count them guys THREE, 3) girlfriends came to visit this weekend, right???

1. Having deep dinner conversations with my girlfriend Alex. Nevermind the fact she dissed whole milk. No, no, not important.

2. Having a triple dinner date with my girlfriends while guys walk by and drool over my ladies. Yep guys, I know you wish you were me. Nevermind the fact that having 3 girlfriends (aka 3 dinners to pay for) gets real spendy. It's ok, I'm the Gerber Toddler to be, it's cool.

3. Red Mango Yogurt. Umm can I get a hell yes? Nevermind the fact that my mother crashed my dinner date.

4. The fact that my girlfriends don't mind that I'm only 2 foot 6. I don't take offense that one girlfriend has to put me on her shoulders while I kiss the other ones so that I am their desired height, really it's no big deal.

5. Reading stories with my girlfriend. I really appreciate my mother being there too with her camera. It is so special.

6. Sharing my toys. I really love that while I am asleep my girfriends and brother feel that it is ok to play with my toys. No really guys, it's fine!

7. Being the younger version of Hugh Hefner. I should've worn my robe.

8. Watching guys talk to my girls. Ha, yeah guys good luck. I think they're more into the puff eating, pacifier sucking, cup drinking kind of guy. Good luck though!

9. Sharing my toys. No guys, play with my sprinkler ball while I nap, it's cool. Wait, did I do this one already?

10. Watching a frog swim in my pool with my godmother. Yeah it's ok, it's not like they have diseases or anything.

11. Being prince Brady in my wagon.

Could we go a little faster please? Thanks

12. Minnesota. God Bless Minnesota.

13. Playing with toys in my pool. Nothing like a dip in the pool after a fun weekend with my ladies.

See, I told you I could be positive!



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