Saturday, June 18, 2011

Play with Someone your own Age!

Mom's got the paranoia thing goin on again.."Brady, your girlfriends are all 20+ years older than you, we should really get you to hang out with people your own age." Whatever Mom, just because I am super mature for my age doesn't mean I should have to hang out with babies. Please! So Mom arranged some playdates and this is what ensued.....

Honestly, I don't get what she's saying. I am completely normal. Completely.

Luke came over one day and he was cool and all but I felt for him. He can't walk! Gosh I remember those days, I felt so limited. I tried to teach him a thing or two.

Hey Luke, wanna go for a ride??

And this is how you go fast....

Super fast!!!

Needless to say, that playdate was over and I was back to playing by myself! Score: 1 for Brady Mom: 0

Now this is who I should be playing with. This dude could play the drums and all the ladies were going crazy for him. I need to get this gig. And fast.

Cool, yeah. Push me in the swing like a baby, yeah that's cool. Real fun!

After my harsh words we went home. Score 2 for the legend, Mom:0.

Yeah no, let's go to the fountains for a playdate, super fun.
Score 1 for Mom. :(

Then I got to hang out with Judah. Yeah he's only 4 months old. He was playing the cute and innocent act. I couldn't trust him, he makes me look bad..

However, I really enjoy hanging out with his mom! Hey, Liz, call me!

So if I hang out with these babies, I get to hang out with their moms too?? Alright, next baby playdate at my place!! Score!!


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