Saturday, April 23, 2011

वोव्ज़ेर्स! हवे बीन सो बुस्य आईटी हद बीन क्रेजी!! उम् दीद यू हेअर ठाट सरतें सोमोने इस तुर्निंग इन जुस्त फेव हौर्स? एप ठाट' में! Yep that's Hindu for Brady is awesome! Ha no actually I am though. I am almost 1 and boy has it been busy! You would think that turning 1 would be easy but honestly, I'm sure none of you remembering doing it, but it's hard work! I have to go get my pictures taken, get checked out by mean doctors, go to the zoo, and have a ton of people look at me and tell me how cute I am. And get this, Gramma is in town and she brought me to the most boring places in all of Omaha! Yikes! Here are my recent pictures:

Seriously. She did.

Mom and I were outside playing and she was like smile at the camera. I was like sure lady, no problem. Go make me sandwich after. Seriously.

The next day Mom brought me to this thing called an Easter Egg Hunt. Weirdest thing ever! Parents were yelling at their kids pick up that egg, now pick up that egg. Why are there eggs in the grass and why is everyone so damn excited about it? Seriously! (Can you tell this is my favorite word?!)

Preston and I didn't really get it, but we acted like we were excited to find eggs in the grass. Cool, mom! Yay

Why don't we just go home and look for Rascal's poop in the yard? That sounds way more productive.

Oh yeah and then my mom and Gramma made me go to this ladies house and eat a cake in front of all of them. I wish the things they did made sense.

I did get a nice energy spurt from it though, nice!

Gramma tagged along to all of my activities. Geez Gramma, leave me alone I am at Baby Maestro with all of my friends! You don't have to take pictures of me doing EVERYTHING! They're all going to tease me endlessly now. Thanks.

What is this weird? Mom's sweatshirt string is a nice voice amplifier for my music class.

Grandma made me watch Regis and Kelly. Yawn. Can't we just watch Sesame Street or The Wiggles or something?

Oh yeah, get this! So Mom takes me to the mall and there is a giant bunny there. And we take a picture of me with him, why?? He was super inappropriate too. First of all, he had no idea where to put his hands. You think that's a good way to hold a baby boy? And second of all, he asked if my mom was single? Seriously dude? I have a Dad and he lives in the zoo, and yes they're married, duh! I hope Rascal and Mack chase this sicko down.

Ok, I'm just not ok with this. We need to get the hell out of here!

Eating is just a much better way of spending your time.

Gramma, you look hungry. Here ya go!

Then they all came to my Gymboree class. Yay.

Hi gramma, do you need something? I'm just trying to get my workout on. AND I'D LIKE TO DO THAT IN PEACE! Thanks.

These are my homies. They get me.

They get that bubbles are awesome. Because they are!! Seriously, they're the best.

I could seriously live here.

Then we went to probably the worst place ever. The Lauritzen Gardens. In April. When no flowers are in bloom. In Nebraska. When nothing is in bloom. And we still pay full price. And nothing is in bloom. Did I make that clear?

However, after we went to the zoo! This guy seriously had so much nerve. He's lucky I didn't crawl right through that glass and give him a peace of my mind. Don't piss of a teething baby!

Dad? Is that you? You look different!

This dude was like hey Brady read your blog. It sucks! And hey look, I have all my teeth! And I'm only 7 months old! Take that! Seriously, super jerk!

Penguins are awesome. Period.

OH yeah and then these jerks decided to take away my bottle privleges. Bad idea guys, bad idea.

Look Dad, Mom can mow!

Peace out! Last time I will blog as an infant. Tomorrow I become a toddler which is basically a man.

I'm super good at throwing. Just thought you should see. You can invest in me now Twins if you'd like.


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