Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update From the Desert

Hello everyone. I just thought I would make another post with some pictures to let everyone know I'm doing alright. I've got 12 missions under my belt so far so I'm almost halfway there. I can't wait to get back home though. Happy birthday Brady early!!!! Here are pictures from our last flight:

Here's me and a couple of guys on my crew in the cockpit while flying. We did have the auto-pilot on so no need to worry.

Here's a picture of me flying on my way up to meet the tanker for some aerial refueling. You can make out one of the engines in the window above my head (I'm in the right seat).

There's the tanker. It was a KC-10 which is the bigger of the two jets we refuel from.

There's me flying in contact with the tanker. It's the most challenging part of flying and this was the first flight I've taken all of the gas in one plug by myself. I was pretty tired afterwards.

Here's us flying over some crazy mountains in country.

A better view of the jagged peaks. There are a few mountains that reach around 25,000' in this part of the country. Mt. Everest is around 29,000'.

There's the Palm Tree Islands near Dubai. The tallest building in the world is around there too and we can usually see it from the air. Must be nice to have all of that money for cool things.


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