Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow, it's so good to be back! Back from what? Back from Petsmart. Whooee it smelled like dead rats and dog feces. That's my opening line for comedy open mic night at Gymboree. I think it's good, really good. But no really we just got back from picking Rascal up at the groomer and there were some scary looking animals and people there. Just avoid Petsmarts on Saturday nights, that's all I'm saying. And man does my mouth hurt! This "getting teeth" thing is no joke! I thought the bottom ones were bad, man these top teeth are like the tsunami after the earthquake (no offense Japan). But yeah, I've been doing really well. I managed to puke on the floor the other night, mom slipped in it, and bruised her knee. Ok well here's some pictures of me:
Can we just talk for a minute how good spaghetti is. Seriously, it is the bomb. My hair liked the taste too.

How would you like to wake up to this face everyday? If you play it right, you just may.

You know, most people say babies have the life. You get waited on hand and foot, you get to poop and pee all of yourself, and you get to nap throughout the day. I beg to differ. If you are born attractive (as we all know I was) your mother may work you to the bone as a male model.

This was my action shot. And yes ladies, I have been working out, thank you for noticing.

Since dad's been gone I've had to do work on the yard.

I take a break or two to throw Rascal the ball.

But the work never really ends.

Before today, I was like man Rascal you gotta get checked in to Petsmart or something. You smell so bad and your hair is really out of control.

And I got put in time-out. It was the truth mom, geez! card in my hands.....Alma whatcha doin later? Take me to BabyGap? Maybe I'll treat you to the dollar menu at McDonalds after?

Gah these shoes do not go with this outfit.

Back to work, I tell ya this mom of mine works me to the bone!

Dreaming of the trouble I can cause as a 1 year old...oh the possibilities.

This is a great workout for those of you trying to lose some weight. I call it the let go, stand for a few seconds, and fall on your booty. Catchy.

Some people say I have moves. I would say I have all the moves. America's Best Dancer (that is a show, right?) watch out, here comes Brady!


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