Friday, March 25, 2011

He's Baaack!

Yep that's right, Brady's back on the blog!! Mom was embarassed by my other blogs, so no computer for Brady. Blah! Ha, I showed her though. I blew my diaper out when I wasn't wearing any pants so mom is currently cleaning the carpet while I am currently blogging! Let me catch you up to speed on my current 11 month old life.

So I'm sure you're thinking ok Brady, looking good but why put this picture on the blog? Well, this is my post-ER (yes people, emergency room!) picture. I started feeling like crap last Wednesday, screamed my head off and my mom took me to the ER. We sat in a room for 2.5 hours and I came out with a nice ear infection. I still look great even after my lengthy hospital stay.

See that band around my foot? Yeah, that's the proof I was an intensive care patient at the Bellevue Med Center.

We were supposed to leave for Minnesota that night, but since I had other plans, we hung out for a few more days in Omaha until I was feeling better.

Yeah I've kind of put a ban on wearing pants lately. I think it's a good look.

Oh great, there goes Rascal again ruining my shots.

Grandma was super glad to see me, like usual. She read me my favorite book 20 times over. I pooped 20 times over while in her care. Welcome, gramma!

That night, we went over to Nana and Papa's for dinner. They kept trying to feed me vegetables.

Really, Papa? You think my body looks this good from green beans? I expected more from you.

Then they made me play for them on my piano. Honestly, they work me to the bone. I can never just go over there and hang out. It's either be super cute, make our beer, or entertain us. Seriously.

However, I am probably the best looking piano player in all of Minnesota. So I kind of understand.

I may or may not be missing some teeth. I did most of my developing in my mom's tummy in Mississippi so what do you expect? A fetus can only have so much sweet tea.

Umm yeah that's right I can walk! That and my camo gear, I'm pretty sure I'm ready for the desert. I just have to work on growing my mustache out.

Then we went to Panera so my girlfriends and godmother could see me. I was having so much fun, I couldn't sit still.

Then Sharday said "Sit still Brady!" And I was like "Look, lady I don't know who you think you're talking to, but if you want to continue our relationship on any level you don't tell me what to do and you know what? It's hard trying to juggle so many girlfriends at one time! I need to keep up my energy!" She was shocked. Luckily Laura didn't hear our fight.

All was forgiven though when I suggested we just all get along and take a picture together.

Hey Mom, um can you give me a second alone with Alex please? Sheesh! I can never get any privacy!

We went to Grandma's work and all the ladies drooled over me. I had to check Pat's work badge to make sure it still said she was a member of the Brady fan club. Obviously it did.

Oh man, get a take on this loser. He lives in a box at the Mall of America. Seriously? And why the hell do people care?

Then we went to dinner with all of my grandparents. I asked Papa what I should order and he said lemons. Odd answer, I thought but hey I'm an adventurous guy.

About to take the first bite....

Oh. Umm this isn't what I was expecting...
So sour....but so good...I can't stop.

Ok Nana, I'm going to need you to move a little to the right here. And I will need a sample of your hair.

Then Grandpa started telling one of his stories about when he was young they never had styrofoam food for babies....blah blah blah. The're called puffs Grandpa, and they are delicious. Nana and Papa were trying to be polite, but I knew where this was going.

So I just pooped my pants and that got a good laugh out of everyone!
And that was my trip!
Oh wait.....

Dada, this is for you. I can climb stairs! Let's do this when you get home, ok?

Using my new walker and looking good.


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