Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brady's Fun Times

Hello! So life has been good! I'm looking good......

Rascal and I are getting along......

And did I mention I'm looking good?

I have also started brushing my teeth......

I'm pretty good at it too

Mom and Dad took me to the Children's Museum last weekend. It was a pretty good time, but let me tell you, wow, there are some scary looking kids out there!

I played with balls and these tunnel things. Pretty cool but some kids were going so crazy, it was like they'd never been let out of their cage. I guess I've never been around a ton of kids before, but seriously they should just give out Ritalin packets to most of the kids, it would make it much more enjoyable for the mature kids like myself. Seriously.

Ok, ok let me explain. So I was back talking to that crazy character in the background (the one with the visible heart) and she was like hey cutie if you let me spank your butt, I will give you magical powers. It looks like I wasn't the only one to be taken advantage of. Pretty sure you're a married man, Dad!

Hi, I'm sorry...oh this is akward...umm little girl, this piano is for good looking kids only...sorry. Harsh, Brady, harsh. I know, I know, I'm the bad guy.
Then we went to the "wiggle room" and I met the craziest, coolest, best looking guy ever.

I mean, he could make awesome fish faces....

...And he had the killer smile to attract all the ladies.....

I was tempted to give him my number he was so smooth! Cool guy, cool guy!

Then there was this stupid annoying sheep that would not leave me alone. Hey Brady, hey Brady come ride on my friend. I was like first of all, you're a sicko, second of all I wouldn't be caught dead on a sheep.

Let me explain. Sheep are very persuasive beings. And they offered me a taste of their sheep formula. (Not worth it).

Pretty sure boys shouldn't sit on this!

Then I made a tv show. I named it Hot Boy TV. It should be on Nickelodeon soon.

The next day I decided to patrol the neighborhood.
Hello neighbor, good day.

It was hard work, but someone has to keep Papillion safe.


Just doing some calisthenics

I have hot boy hair....seriously can you resist this?

Oh, also I got new shoes! Look sharp, huh?

I can even play with Rascal in them!

So, my first birthday is coming up and I needed to make a list of things that I want for all of my fans. To get my full list, please email me at

This car? No...too fast.

This one was a little big, but I really think a Camaro is for me.

This toy cracked me up...seriously!

I can walk around the furniture...and look handsome doing it!
Peace out!


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