Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some cool stuff a 10 month old does

Hey yo, it's Brady boy and I'm 10 months old today! Yep, that's right my monthage has hit the double digits! Soo it's been an eventful couple of weeks. Some days were good, some not so good. Let me fill you in:

So my 1st Valentine's Day started out pretty good. I was like ok, I can do a photo shoot and of course I'll look good in it!

You want a stomach shot? Oh yeah, I can do that!

My heart ladies, it's for you.

Ugh, then of course stupid Rascal had to jump in the photo shoot. At this point in time, we still were not talking from the trip. Too much was said, I just couldn't forgive and forget.

I just sort of lost it. I miss my girlfriends, my best friend and I aren't getting along, it's just a lot to handle on a day made for love.

However, I can still make this "My First Valentine's Day" shirt look good.

Rascal just sort of lost it too. He started doing crazy things with his ball.

And started marching throughout the house. I think the fight was really getting to him.

Then my Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Grandma was boring the heck out of me, I mean come on lady, I know I'm so cute and so funny but my can my head get any bigger, I mean really?

The next night, we went to Ruby's 4th Birthday party and Dad and I were looking fresh to def! (That's just a move that us gangstas do).

After the party, Dad and I both noticed that we were wearing the same shirt, and that was more than embarassing, it was pure humiliation. If another person came up to me at that party saying oh cute, you two are wearing the same shirt I would've puked.

Uhh guys, I'm not feeling so well.

That was the last picture taken before I vomited my brains out. Maybe the sippy cups were spiked at the party, I just don't know. I was up all night though throwing up. Loved the attention, hated the action.

However, I can pull off the sick look pretty well.
Funny story actually, on Monday after Grandma and Grandpa left, Mom, Dad, and I went on a trip to the mall. We were almost to the mall and Mom was like "Uh guys, I don't feel good." I was thinking, oh here goes drama queen mommy again whining about her tummy. And we were stuck in traffic, I was admiring the cutie in the car in the next lane when wham! Mom loses her entire stomach in the car. Honestly, I would have rather put my face in Rascal's mouth than smell that crap. She went on to get sick 8 times and still doesn't feel well. I also got Dad sick, Grandma sick, and Grandpa sick! I would say that's quite an accomplishment! I thought I had Rascal too, but he's a sneaky fellow and managed to escape the Brady flu.
Ok, ok back to the pictures:
Then Grandma pulled out this sick leather jacket and said here Brady, a leather jacket for a stunning young man. So I rode around on my car cruising for chicks with my new hot boy jacket on.

Just 2 studs in their leather jackets.

Gramma and I snuggling watching only the best show ever invented..........

SESAME STREET!! Honestly, it's like the best thing ever. That Elmo is one crazy dude! And that cactus guy, don't even get me started!!

And then all of a sudden, Rascal came up to me and was like Brady, I know I've done and said some pretty mean and crazy things these past few weeks. I want to know if you'll take me back as your brother and best friend.

The all knowing Casey (Gramma and Gramp's dog) along with her boyfriend (White Bear) said, just do it Brady, just say yes!

Who could resist this face, honestly? So we're on good terms now. For now.

And now what you've all been waiting for: Handsome boy crawling through a tube!!

I learned this at Gymboree. Honestly, best class ever. I have it on Tuesday's and I love it. And the girls.

Do you know another boy that could strike that good of a pose in a tube? I think not.



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