Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Papillionaire Christmas

This is Brady again. I wanted to post this with my Christmas shoot, but my mom put me down to nap...ha little does she know that I'm awake and I'm downstairs listening to Lady Gaga, posting on the blog! I need to share these pictures with you, I had a pretty good couple of weeks. That takes a lot for me too, as you may know I'm not always Mr. Positive. Well here are some of my pictures:

Man that Rascal guy is a funny man. He told me that if you snuggle with Santa long enough, you will get everything you want on your Christmas list. I think he just says that so I don't question his sexuality.

Oh man, so get this! My friend Preston came over to play ALL DAY on Tuesday. I think I may have been a little much for him, but I had a blast! He tells some of the funniest jokes.

Let me just rip that bear off of that sleeper for don't need it do you?

Two men, on their play mats, life couldn't get much better. Like I said, that guy just gets me.

Dad, seriously? I'm not going to say Dada, it's just not going to happen.

Then Luke came over to play the next day! Yeah we're pretty good friends too. He's actually one of my elves, as you can tell by his outfit. I held his hand anyway.

Dad's birthday! I got him the formula flavored beer, that's one of my favorites.

Hey Rascal, move over here in the picture!!

Oohh, balloons. This could be very, very fun....

Come on mom, everyone's taking birthday shots. Oh wait, you don't have any formula shooters? Forget it.

Ok let's play truth or dare. I'm ready to find out everyone's diaper size.

Haha, wait wait wait everyone, it's not my birthday yet, 1 more week and I'll be 8 months old. (Please refer to the earlier posts for my address, you can send presents there.)

Ugh this hat makes my eyebrows look crooked

I'm the new zumba instructor at the Y. Alright everyone, shake your hips to this Latin beat!

This sounds like a great idea. If you dress me up like Santa, the little girls will sit on my lap, right?? Perfect......

Alright, first in line come sit in my bumbo

I don't get this whole Christmas thing, we take presents out of a stocking? Does this mean I should shove my poop in my sock and you'll be excited?

That guy is crazy about presents! He was ripping that tissue paper like there were sweet potatoes underneath it!

Oh, good, another book.....where's the Goodwill pile?

Ok, explain it to me again what this bat is for?

No party would be complete without a little Brady nakey time! I know that's what all of you wished for for Christmas!

Just a little video to show you how idiotic my parents are. They thought it would be funny for dad to go get the grill cover that blew off in the -5 degree blizzard we were having with no shirt on. Seriously? And yeah he says fart, fart, fart when he drops it up the stairs. Can you hear me screaming in the background? I'm in my highchair on the phone with Preston telling him not to look out the window.


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