Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Weekend

Wow was my weekend busy! Whew!! I probably was the best looking, coolest, busiest 7 month old in the world this weekend. And that's not easy to do. Let me take you on a little tour of a Brady weekend. Enjoy:

First of all, we just need to take a look at how great I look. My dad did my hair and I just don't think it gets any better than this.

Wear hot boy clothes: check. Spit up on my shirt: check. Poop my pants: check.

Just hanging out with my new best friend. Everyone, meet the remote. He's a great guy.

Ok now enough great pictures of me, here's my weekend. So my parents ditched me on Friday night to go to a Christmas party. Not cool parents!! I got to go to the LaBarbera's house and hang out with them. Here's a picture of them...this picture would have been much nicer had I been in it.

Happy Holidays blah! Your stupid party would have been much better with babies at it!

So after they got home late that night, Rascal and I decided to get up at 6 am for our own party! It was the best. Love that guy.

Then the next night I got to go to an ugly sweater Christmas party where I was basically the MC. I'm too cool to look into the camera cuz my outfit is looking so my dad's G6.

Umm lady stop taking my picture. I am trying to eat my dinner here. Do you see me taking your picture while you're eating?

Stupid snowman kept talking crap to me! I want this sweater off now!!

Yay family picture. Not. What's with my dad wearing such feminine clothes? How do I explain this to the other babies? Seriously.

Yeah that's right, baby Brady wins! Naked time at the Christmas party!

Wait, what I get presents? Hell yes!

I got this sweet hat and some cool toys. I think I look excellent. My mom and I got in a fight, but we compromised and I agreed to wear a white onesie rather than be completely naked.

Me and my friend Ruby. She helped watch me on Friday. We're pretty good friends, she lets me play with her Ipad and we have a fondness for Veggie Tales. Secretly I think she would like to date me, but shhh don't tell anyone.

I was pretty sure there was formula on my hand so picture or no picture, I had to take care of business. I am the director of let no drop of formula go to waste project.

The ladies that all love and adore me.

The manly men picture. Expect our calendar to hit stores in 2020. The worlds ending in 2012, right?

Sorry, more formula on my hand

Me and my homies picture. Who's that lady holding me? Oh wait, that's right it's my dad. :(

Ha fake smile for the baby with the weirdest dad ever!

Yeah this is our house with the cool Christmas lights. I hung the ones on the roof. I only fell off twice.

What, is there something on my face?

At Christmas at Union Station at the Durham Museum. Yeah not thrilled that we're going here but mom and dad seem to think this is going to be cool.

Do I look bored? Oh wait, that's because I am. Hello people, you don't bring babies to museums!

Wait a minute, there's trains here?

Ok yeah, I can work with this lighting. This may be ok.

Then I found this sweet teepee thing and I was asking all the other baby girls if they wanted to check out my teepee crib.

I need to make a confession. I think that sticking out my tongue is probably the coolest new thing that I can do. Especially when mom is trying to get a great picture of me.

Holy crap, my dad is famous!! That's where he works!!!

Peace out mom! Dad and I caught this train and we're going to California to live on the beach and pick up chicks. Oh crap, this thing doesn't move?
After that failed attempt I met the weirdest, most silent, cool people ever. This guy let me sit on his package (not that one sickos!) for a picture.

So what do you do here? I like your tie. Where'd you get it? BabyGap?

Tell me more.

Just having a chat with my new friends. They had the craziest conversations! I could've stayed all day with them.

But then we went to another museum. Hurray.

You bring Brady to the Joslyn Art Museum, Brady going to cause trouble. End of story. Learn your lesson people.

Biggest nerds alive.

Hey you should really meet my friends from the Durham museum. I think you would really get along.
So I basically made as much noise at the Art Museum that my parents had no choice but to take me home. And that was my weekend. Bet it was better than yours!


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