Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Making of a Christmas Card

Hello, it's Brady. I know you all opened your Christmas card this year and were like oh my goodness, look at that cute little Santa baby. Well, let me tell you, creating a perfect Christmas card was no easy feat. Here's a glimpse into the making of this year's Christmas picture.

Going for a modelesque pose

Recognize this, anyone?

Mom, come on when I'm 13 this is going to embarass the hell out of me!

So I was saying to the elves, lets make sure there's a steady supply of formula for the babies

Too much eggnog in my bottle

Ok move my tush a little to the right? I can work with that

Holy crap, this is hard work! Need. More. Formula.

This has to be breaking child labor laws!

Too posed for my liking- thanks to my stage mom

I wouldn't say that I'm chubby, there's just a little more of me to love

If I seriously have to take 1 more picture....

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas was not an easy day for this working baby


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