Monday, August 16, 2010

Brady's Baptism!

We went home this past weekend to get Brady baptized. We were lucky enough to have the man that married us, Deacon Dave, baptize our first son. We had a great time with friends and family celebrating his baptism!! Brady sure is a spoiled little boy. While we were home for that short time, we were able to spend some time with friends and family, show Brady around the University of Minnesota (where he really wants to go now!), and even get a date in!

Brian passed his checkride and is now qualified to fly the RC-135. He just has a few other things to get done in the training squadron and then will leave for survival on the 2nd of September. We are so proud of him, but are going to miss him so much the month that he's gone! We're hoping to take a weekend trip to Colorado before that, but we will see! Here are some pictures from our trip home and from his baptism:

Hanging out at the mall area on the University of Minnesota campus

I'm afraid he bleeds Gopher blood! :)

Lovin the ladies at the campus!

Big man!

Brian and I before our night out

Our family at Brady's baptism 8-15-10

Being blessed by the deacon.

Listening to the ceremony. He was such a good boy during it! :)

Brady after being dressed with his baptismal robe

Our family with Deacon Dave

The godparents, us, and Deacon Dave

Our whole family!

My handsome men!

Brady with Jody

Brady with his godparents

Brian and his high school buddies

Me with high school/college friends

Just baptized!

Rascal's so proud of his little brother


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