Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 months!

Well our little guy is 2 months old today!! He went on base to the clinic and got his 2 month shots today too. He was not happy!! The ladies were amazed at how loud he could scream for such a cute little guy. He's been doing well ever since and took a long nap which was nice for everyone.

I cannot believe that the month of June is almost over. It has gone by so fast! We're sad that we've missed everyone's birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day (June is when everyone it seems like was born of our friends/family!). Brian had a nice first Father's Day. I made him a special breakfast and we went to Omaha Steaks and picked up some steaks to grill. It was a rainy day so we didn't get to go golfing like we had planned. Brian and I the next day celebrated our 2nd anniversary. It's crazy to think that our wedding was 2 years ago already! We have done so much in that time. Since we had the little man, we just went to Old Chicago for dinner (beer for Brian) and Dairy Queen for dessert (ice cream for Rachel) and everyone had a good time! :)

Brian is still in training. He was supposed to have his third flight this past Monday, but we have had rain like no other here in Omaha, so he was unable to fly. He is scheduled to fly next Monday, so hopefully he can get caught up! It's been nice having him home this week since he didn't have anything to do for training this week, especially since Brady has been extra fussy. Brian's brother Danny was in town the other weekend to watch the College World series so he had a great time going to a game and tailgating with him and his buddies. Brian's Uncle Mike was also in town so we got to go to dinner with him and he got to spend some time with Brady. It was great to see him!

Brady's a busy, growing little man! He smiles a lot now and only laughs when we do something really funny. He's been going through a fussy period lately which has been frustrating, but it will pass! I think that he is slightly colicky which is only fair since I was a colicky baby. He just seems to get bored of an activity very quickly and has no problem letting me know when he isn't happy! (The pictures I get of him smiling and happy are taken in a 10 minute period usually!) The doctor said the crying gets better around 3 months, so only one more month hopefully of the frequent fussiness. He's starting to sleep more through the night now which has been wonderful. We're only doing 1 middle of the night feeding instead of 2-3. He's sleeping about 6-7 hours at a stretch on a good night and at least 4-5 hours every night. We just love him to death and are loving watching him get bigger and bigger! He has changed so much already just in the last 2 months. Here are some recent pictures:

Our Growing Boy

Brady Ross at birth 4/24/2010
Brady Ross 1 Month 5/24/2010

Brady Ross 2 Months 6/24/2010

Brian and Brady outside the College World Series. We tried to get in (general admission) but it was too busy and we couldn't get in. :(

Brady loves watching tv, especially VH1's music videos in the morning! :)

My little man 2 months old!

The before and after shots of his shots

Mom with her boys!

Dad with his big, strong boy!

Brady with his great-uncle Mike

My smiley boy

Brady and his Brady airplane blanket

Go Twins!!

2nd anniversary 6/21/2010

Still in love after 9.5 years together, 2 years of marriage, a house, a baby, and a dog!


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