Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Past 6 weeks

Hanging out with Grandma! This picture cracks me up!

Eatin ribs with Nana

Grandma and Gramps

Hanging out with Uncle Danny

Snuggling with Aunt Catherine

Brian and I at the Twin's game

The Ross family

It's been six whole weeks since Brady has been born. I can't believe it! It's been some of the most trying, frustrating, stressful, rewarding, wonderful, best 6 weeks of my life. Brian and I are so blessed to have a healthy amazing son that amazes us each day! Ok enough of the corny stuff, but I just wanted to reflect a little on the impact Brady has made on our lives. :) We had a great time while we were home in Minnesota over Memorial Day. Brady got to meet his Uncle Danny and Aunt Catherine, got to spend lots of quality time with the grandparents, and got to meet lots of family and friends (although not everyone!) Brian and I got to go to a Twins game in the new stadium and go out to Ruth Chris for a date night/celebration of promotion night. It was great although I didn't make it through the Twin's game without a few tears because I missed my little guy. It was the longest I'd left him (6 hours)! We had a great time and hope to go back to Minnesota at least one more time this summer!
Brady had a doctor's appointment this past Friday and he's a growing boy! He was 10 lbs 10 oz and 21.5 inches long. He's doing well and has to get his first shots in 2 weeks which Mom is not looking forward to! :( He's been smiling and cooing a lot lately which has been so much fun! We've been taking him out to more and more places, but his favorite is still Target. Yesterday we went to a nearby berry farm and picked strawberries. It was super hot out but it was fun and the strawberries are delicious!
Here are some more pictures of our trip and of Brady at 6 weeks:

The whole family!

Brian as a 1st Lt

Sitting in the bumbo for the first time, not real sure!

Hangin out in the cool sunglasses my Uncle Danny got me

Silly boy Love that smile!!

Hanging out with his brother!

Pickin berries

90 degrees and humid but we're still havin fun!

Rascal helping me feed and rock Brady to sleep

My two sleeping babies! :)


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