Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brian Flying!!

Brian had his first flight today in the RC-135! He told me when he would be doing pattern work (taking off and landings) so I packed up Brady, Rascal, and myself and we headed to the base to go watch daddy fly his plane! It was so cool. The plane is so much bigger than the T-1 or the T-6 and it was crazy to think that Brian was the one flying this thing! Here are some pictures and a video of Brian doing his thing:

We could see him flying from the road from the house!

Brian's plane parked

Coming in from flying

Doing some touch-and-gos

"Mom what the heck are we doing?"

Brian flying overhead!

Another view

No, Brian isn't that shaky of a pilot, I was trying to keep Rascal in the car while filming him taking off!


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