Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saying goodbye to Mississippi a little sooner than we thought!

Here's just a quick update. Brian got his RIP which is like his pre-orders. He will get his official orders in a few days. They are as follows:
8 Feb:Report to Offutt AFB
8 March:Start RC-135 training
26 July: RC-135 graduation
2 August-2 Sept : SERE (survival training), Advanced Survival, and Water Survival

After that, we will see! So we are set to move from Columbus on Feb 5 which is only 2 weeks away! We are trying to get everything figured out and will live in temporary housing on base in Offutt until we find a house. Today we have family coming for Brian's graduation and it's 77 degrees and sunny which is unreal for January! Brian graduates tomorrow and I will have pictures up soon! Take care!


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