Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lt. Ross is a pilot!

It's official: Brian is a pilot!! We had a wonderful day with family and friends this past Friday. Brian's grandfather Alan, aunt Judy, mother Alane, father Jim, father-in-law Darrell, and family friend Dean were all in attendance for the big day! And me of course! :) It was a busy day starting off with a formal breakfast and a briefing about Columbus AFB and pilot training by the Vice Commander Col. George Ross (no relation!) Then we headed over to the auditorium for the graduation ceremony where he was presented his first pair of wings. Then we had the breaking of the wings which is an Air Force tradition that the first pair of wings the pilot receives, he must break into two halves for good luck. The first half stays with him and the other half goes to a family member. He gave his other half to his grandfather Alan. It was funny because they all try and break the wings at the same time and poor Brian was the last one! After that I pinned on his first pair of wings that he's allowed to keep on, and boy those things were shiny! Then we had red carpet day at the squadron where everyone got to see his flight room and instructor pilots. Then we got to go see the planes up close and go in them! After that, was the simulators. Then it was nap time! And finally, we had a formal banquet where everyone dressed up, ate good food, and ended the day. The class had a slideshow of the past year together and Rascal is happy to report he made it into 3 slides! :) So it was a very busy, but very good day! It was emotional for me, not only because I have all those pregnancy hormones, but because I am just so proud of him. It was such a hard year. There were times when I know he wanted to just throw in the towel and say this isn't for me, but he persevered and he did it! It wasn't the easiest year to have as our first year of marriage but I know that we came out with an even stronger bond and love and respect for each other and it was all so worth it! Now on to next chapter of our lives, Nebraska and the RC-135! Here are some pictures from our busy day:

Brian walking in to the ceremony

Brian receiving his wings from Col. Ross

Trying to break his first pair of wings!

Brian and I after the ceremony

Brian and I after pinning on his wings
The whole group!
The class of 10-04 with their wings

In his flight room, Brian with his pilot rating!

The T-1: Brian's office for the last 6 months

My dad flying the simulator with Brian and Dean watching

Brian and I before the graduation banquet

Brian with his mom and dad

His whole class all dressed up with some of their instructor pilots


Jaya said...

WOW!! CONGRATS!!!!! Your emotions are pretty much how I feel too! It has been a long hard year and yours is DONE! That is awesome. It is great to see the "old" classmates with them shiny wings on!! Thanks for the pics and the story. I am soo happy for you all! Good luck in your new chapter!

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