Saturday, January 9, 2010

RC-135s to Offutt AFB!!

Assignment night is done and we finally know where we are going!! Brian got his second choice, RC-135s to Offutt AFB in Bellevue, Nebraska. It is right outside of Omaha and I am happy to report they have several Targets, Dairy Queens, malls and restaurants to choose from!! We couldn't be more thrilled to be moving closer to home and having Brian fly this exciting aircraft. It does a lot of spy missions and not much that I am allowed to know about! We know absolutely nothing about when we are going, exactly what model he'll be flying, his dates of training, or what life will hold for us in the next few months! We should find out our orders(when we're moving, his training dates, etc) in the next week or two and hopefully we will be moving soon! I would like to be the least pregnant I can be when moving. We know that Brian has to go to survival training and an advanced form of survival training due to the nature of missions this plane flies. We pray that it won't be during the time that the baby is due, but with the Air Force you never know! We will keep everyone posted on what will be going on. In the meantime we have heard rumors that since this is the only base for the RC-135, we may be there awhile. Well, at least awhile in the Air Force world, possibly 4-8 years. We are looking to possibly buy or rent a house, we will see! We had a great time with our class last night and are so excited for everyone! No one in our class is coming with us, but we know that the Air Force is a small world and we will see them again! :) Here are some pictures from our night:

The RC-135 (same size as a 707)

Brian's class patch. He is class 10-04 (4th class of fiscal year 2010)

Brian's slide. They roasted him about loving his phone the Droid so much!

Brian standing up receiving his roast and his assignment, Droid in hand!

Class 10-04 spouses/girlfriends/fiances

Brian and I at the end of assignment night

Everyone in his class and their assignments (ANG means Air Nat'l Guard and AFRC is Air Force Reserve, they both know their assignments prior to pilot training)

Had to sneak in a little belly pic! 24.5 weeks!


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