Sunday, March 1, 2015

You Plan, God Laughs

Ok that title is a little dramatic. And no, we're not pregnant. Just had to be clear on that one.

We had been planning a trip to Minnesota for awhile now. We were going to drive so that way we could stop in Omaha (which is on the way) and see all of our friends there. Brian got leave, we made a ton of plans with family and friends, and we were set to go. Laundry was all done, house was clean, suitcases were packed, all we had to do was jump in the car the next morning and go.

But God had other plans. Brady got a cough the day before we left which I thought was a little odd since he hadn't been sick at all. And then he had a 102.5 degree fever. Which was even more odd. See, we've had a pretty healthy fall and winter. Which I owe a lot of that to essential oils. But this sickness, it came out of nowhere. I figure, he'll probably be fine. Let's just pack the car and plan on heading to Minnesota in the morning still.

But then Brady woke me up several times in the night saying he didn't feel well.  Which is not like him. And his fever that would luckily go away with medicine, kept coming back.  He finally got some rest and I figured if he's not better in the morning we'll just pop over to the doctor's office (who we haven't seen since we've moved here since we've been so healthy), we'll probably be told it's just a virus, and then we'll head on our way. So I packed our toiletries and we headed to the pediatrician's office.

We got right in, I told her Brady's symptoms and she instantly brought in a flu swab. Which gets stuck right up the nose. Brady was so brave about the whole thing but that part, that part was horrible. And it made Layla cry too. Where was Brian, you ask? Well he had one of his busiest work weeks ever and because of that wasn't going to be able to drive with us so we booked him a ticket to fly out Friday night (this was Wednesday morning).

They did the rest of the exam and she mentioned that Brady was wheezing and having a hard time breathing it sounded. Test came back and it wasn't the flu (whew!) but it was RSV. I thought oh ok that's a virus that's only really bad for babies, we should be good! But no, they made us do some breathing treatments and she advised us not to travel.

Brady doing his first ever breathing treatment. Like a champ.
So I called Brian and was like, "What do we do?!" We talked it over for awhile and thought we'd give it 24 hours, see how he was doing, and make the decision then.

That day was rough. Nothing short of rough. He was miserable, kept having fevers, wouldn't eat anything, couldn't stop coughing, started vomiting, it was rough. They sent home a breathing treatment machine but luckily he didn't need to use it very much.

I couldn't remember if he'd ever had RSV before but looking back on the blog he did have it before Layla was born. And it was rough then too. I must have blocked that out of my memory. And I love to remember if we've done something or not I google the keyword plus the Ross family, ha!

And not to mention the sickness but it snowed. And snowed. 

And snowed.  And luckily Brady's preschool got canceled one day and had a late start the next day. But turns out a ton of kids in his class were really sick too.

But it didn't snow too hard that Brian's beer of the month club shipment made it to our front door.

We decided no way no how were we going to be able to travel anytime soon. We would just have to lose the money we paid for the plane ticket and try our best to reschedule our trip for the next week. I have never seen Brady so sick before. He literally spent 90% of the day on the couch for days.

This kid, who never naps was taking naps on the couch and if we carried him upstairs, would nap there.

This is Layla and I hiding upstairs so we don't catch B man's germs! Oh and did I mention that since Brady has vomited several times from coughing that every time he coughs now she cries and screams? 

Oh and during all of this fun it was my first week to start training for my half marathon. YAY! Nothing like running in 12 degree weather and lots of snow! 

This is the kind of thing you do when you've been stuck at home for almost a week. 

But yesterday things started to look up! Brady was starting to get off the couch a little more, he was eating, and not coughing as much.

And then Layla woke up from naptime with a fever and a runny nose.

My two little sick babies all swaddled up.

So now we wait and see and pray Layla doesn't develop the horrible, no good RSV. Because I'm not sure my sanity can handle it and our suitcases are still in the car all ready to go!


Jen said...

Holy goodness! I am so sorry that this sickness has invaded your home. I hope they both are back to normal ASAP. Oh and yay for your training!!! :)

Janelle Vannice said...

Oh man! I'm sorry your travel plans got all messed up, and I hope the kiddos feel better! I have to use a Nebulizer for breathing treatments ALL THE TIME because of my asthma... no fun! I hope he's all done with that now!!

Shannon said...

Ohmyyyyy - that is just plain awful for so many reasons. Poor Brady, Poor Layla, Poor trip...

I hope everyone rebounds quickly.

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Oh no! Having to change travel plans because of sickness totally bites! It sounds like Brady had it really nasty too! I hope that Layla just has a run of the mill cold virus and doesn't get the nasty RSV too.

Jenn said...

Oh nooooo!!! How awful with the timing of it! I'm glad he's feeling better now. Hopefully Layla doesn't go full-blown RSV too! Hopefully y'all will get up to MN soon!

Becky Dougherty said...

Oh man, that's rough! I hope they're both feeling better!

Jamie said...

Hope everybody is feeling well!

The Chick Nest said...

RSV is no joke! Glad everyone is better! Such a scary time for Mommy and a not fun time for the kiddos. Glad it worked for you to come visit the following week!

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