Monday, February 23, 2015

We're Stuck....

Inside for the 3rd day in a row.  And we're getting a little stir crazy. But let me take you back to a few days ago..
This was Thursday. It was beautiful outside. 67 and sunny and we spent the entire afternoon outside after preschool and errands were run.

Because we knew what was coming. This "mega snow storm" was forecasted for the weekend, had been talked about for days, and people were freaking out a little. They were forecasting between 1-2 feet of snow. This winter has been really mild so far (I mean we were in t-shirts, shorts, sleeveless dresses just a couple weeks ago) so this snow got a lot of hype. Grocery stores were NUTS. I mean like 40 minutes to check out, no milk and bread left kind of nuts.  Being from Minnesota and knowing a thing or two about snowstorms, we did all of our shopping Wednesday and Thursday because nobody has time for that nonsense.

We had friends over Friday night and Saturday morning was normal enough. Brady and I ran to Starbucks and the library before the majority of the snow started. Layla slept until 10:40 that morning. So we knew naptime wasn't looking good.

The snow started to pick up around lunchtime but it was still only 30 degrees out so we decided to go on a snowstorm walk. Layla (who usually hates snow, cold weather, fun) actually was excited for it. She of course had to bring her baby with. With no pants, coat, shoes, blanket. I need to talk to her about Child Protective Services.

We went inside for lunch and the snow REALLY picked up. We knew the next day was going to be frigid so we put all of our snow gear back on and went sledding at the elementary school right next to us.

We made snow angels

This was Rascal at the beginning of sledding.

Layla actually went sledding (with 2 babies this time who had to have been freezing).

This was Rascal at the end. The rate the snow was fallling at was a little ridiculous. I promise he was ok, he just turned his head at the last minute to make himself look extra pitiful.

We put the kids to bed early and played games while watching the snow just fall like crazy.

We spent the next day shoveling, staying inside (the windchill was in the negative teens, why does it always do that after fun snowfalls?), doing some homeschool preschool, cleaning out closets, watching movies, doing crafts, reading, playing, and trying to remain as sane as possible while it was still snowing.

Brady asked for a box to make a spaceship and then it turned into a glider.

This is from this morning. We didn't really get as much snow as predicted. I would say it's about 10 inches or so?  But the roads aren't plowed at all, there's a layer of ice under that snow, and it's miserably cold. All of the schools are closed, some of the businesses, and the Air Force Academy actually had a 2 hour delay (which rarely happens). 

So another day inside we'll spend. Prayers for my sanity. ;)


Jen said...

Stay warm! We are under an ice advisory because of rain, yay lol. Too bad Kyle left this morning for a work trip.

Janelle Vannice said...

That place and the crazy weather! Haha! Enjoy your inside activities and remember that spring is just around the corner!

Shannon said...

I sometimes get jealous of other city's snow delays. Being from Buffalo, we've had over 12 feet of snow this year and it has been below 0 for weeks and weeks and nothing closes. Because we consistently get a lot of snow, I think our city just has more resources for plows and salt trucks, but boy do I wish I could go stir crazy with my family for a few days.

That being said - watching Layla take her naked babies into the cold did bring a smile to my face!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

I might like the PA winter a little more if we could get some 67 degree days thrown in there! It looks like y'all made the most of your snow days though, and had some fun! Layla and her babies crack me up!

Becky Dougherty said...

Your previous warm days make it very hard for me to send sympathy your way.....haha! Crazy, that weather. Hope you make it out of the house soon!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

My sanity was robbed this week too...damn you winter!

Jamie said...

My hope you're safe and sound and sane :)

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