Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Paddy's Day Fun!

Holy moly, sorry for the radio silence here lately. The kids finally started to get better (a week later), we were able to travel to Minnesota and Nebraska (next post, I promise, Mom), and we have just been on the go crazy busy ever since we got home. And last weekend was no exception.

A group of us from Brian's squadron decided it'd be fun to partake in the Colorado Springs St. Patrick's Day 5k downtown. I've been training for my half marathon (kinda, sorta, ha) so I figured this would be a good fun race. And we decided it would be fun to dress up for the occasion. So we got together the night before the race and made these tutus. There was 1 strand that had glitter on it and we got glitter EVERYWHERE! My friends poor pups were just covered in it! Not to mention the porta pottys and bathrooms we visited just got covered in the glitter. Sorry for those with glitter stuck to their butts, we won't do that again.

All ready to start the race!

Standing near the start line waiting for the race to start!

It was a very popular race as you can see!

All ready to start!

And all finished! It was a fun race but the way it was set up was a little disheartening. You passed the finish line 1.5 miles into the race and at that point I saw all of the serious runners just crossing the finish line. Sooo you knew you still had a long way to go. A little depressing, ha! But for not really training at all I didn't do too bad. I'm slow and probably always will be so a 10:33 mile pace isn't horrible in my books!

Next it was time for the kids runs. They were BEYOND excited to get to wear numbers and be in a race like Mommy.

Layla was up first (she was doing the half mile) and it was all thumbs up!

I started out holding her hand because there were just so many kids all wearing the same shirt that I didn't want to lose her. When the crowds started to thin a little I let go of her hand to take a picture. She was less than thrilled.

I grabbed her hand back and she ran the entire half mile.  There were so many people lined up for the parade cheering and she kept telling them "I'm running fast! I'm so, so fast!" She talked a lot about what snacks she was going to eat after her race too, let's be honest. I think this girl's love language is snacks. We had friends lined up that took our pictures and she was just so dang proud of herself. It was so cute.

She finished and got a medal and fruit snacks. The fruit snacks were by far her favorite part.

Then it was Brady's turn to run the kid's mile run.

He did so well and also ran the entire thing! That creepster with the mustache running with my son? That's Brian. March is a long, long month.

So proud of himself!! :)

There's the mustache up close in all of its glory.

We figured we all might as well join him in the Mustache March business

Then it was time for the parade to start and Brady proclaimed it, "THE BEST DAY EVER!!"

It was a fun parade but it was on to bigger and better things...

All you can eat pizza and green beer at Old Chicago's. My first green beer ever! 

Later that night there was a going away party for 2 guys in Brian's squadron. Brady and Layla danced the night away. How they have energy left from our crazy busy day I will never know.

The next morning it was beautiful out. 72 and sunny so we decided to hit up some hiking trails.

We got a tad turned around and ended up hiking for over 2 hours but it was so beautiful outside that it didn't matter.

After hiking we went to Old Colorado City for lunch and ice cream, went grocery shopping, and then called it a day by snuggling up to watch a movie. We had such a wonderful weekend together with some spectacular people and weather! Hope everyone had a safe and fun St Paddy's Day! :)


Jen said...

This looks like so much fun! I love your outfit. :)

The Chick Nest said...

What a fun race theme! Your tutus are adorable! :)

Becky Dougherty said...

As you know, I'm sure, im SUPER behind on blog reading! But anyway, what a fun race! It's so cool that they had races for the kids to do, as well! :)

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