Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Weekend: Stress, Vomit, and Gramma and Grampa!

This weekend, ohh this weekend (shudder).  It started off innocently enough.
Thursday night we went to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our dating anniversary and V-Day. We had a great time out together and laughed like we haven't in years!

However, that night we found out that Brian is now going to training in Alabama for 2 months in March. Yeah, in like 4 weeks. Not like this spring was going to be crazy enough already! Which means I either stay here, try and show the house on my own, have the kids be separated from their Daddy again (and on their birthdays) or we go with for 2 months, stay in a small apartment but all get to be together. Not an easy decision to make.  And after that (like 3 weeks later) we move to Colorado. Stressful much?

Friday morning we went to a Valentine's Day playdate at a friends house. My children chose the date corner for their lunch.

Here's a group picture of all of the kids

The poor little boy in the green was cracking us all up with his silent "I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE" cries!

Friday night we watched our friends kids while they went on a Valentine's date (they watched our kids the night before).  And Layla was OBSESSED with the real live baby she got to play with. She kept saying "Baby, drink your milk, baby!"

Brady was pretty smitten too!

And then Layla had her very own Valentine's date on the couch.

They sat side by side giggling eating snacks together. Daddy was not pleased! :)

Friday night Layla woke up in the middle of the night and proceeded to throw up all night. We got about 2 hours of sleep (if that) so needless to say Saturday we were a little groggy. But Gramma and Grampa came into town and Layla, although not feeling well, enjoyed snuggles.

Saturday we met with our realtor, crunched numbers as to how much it'd cost us to sell this house and let's just say the numbers were a little higher than we wanted to hear. So now we make the decision if we rent this house out or hope for the best, sell the house now, and cut our losses.  

And then I got the sickness. Blah. Saturday and Sunday were horrible, horrible days. Brady got it Sunday night and was up a lot of the night too.

Brady and Layla with Gramma. I wish I could say I had more pictures from this weekend but umm I spent the majority of the weekend in bed, throwing up, or taking care of someone else throwing up.  It was a rough weekend and I hate that their visit was spoiled.

But for those feeling up to it, there was cake.

Cake?! I'm not sick, I can have cake!

So what was supposed to be a fun-filled, productive weekend turned into anything but that!  Luckily Brian had a 3 day weekend and we can take another day to rest and recuperate.  So now the pressure is on to get things done in the house, make a decision about Alabama, make a decision about the house, and get prepared for our trip to Arizona this weekend. So if you can spare a couple prayers for my sanity, it'd be greatly appreciated!


Sarah said...

Layla and those boys!! She sure does like them! ;-)

You're such a cute couple!!

Jenn said...

Omg you poor thing! I hope everyone is on the mend now!

And wowza the stress of all those moves! Would y'all be headed to Montgomery, I'm assuming? I'd go with, but I also am from the area and loathe spending unnecessary time apart. (To some, this makes me a whuss! lol) I hope y'all have luck with your house- I can't imagine how stressful that decision must be!

Becky Dougherty said...

Goodness! So much going on! I hope you're all feeling better! I'll be keeping you all in my prayers!

Shannon said...

Nooooo! I hope you guys are feeling better. The stomach bug is the worse!

Jen said...

Boo!!!! :( I hope you all are feeling better, hugs!

Jane said...

Oh my goodness!! Talk about stressful decision! There are serious pros and cons to either you staying or going with. That is such a hard choice to make.

The Chick Nest said...

Prayers and hugs my friend!

Jamie said...

I hope youre all feeling better!

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