Friday, June 22, 2012

Layla Update

Time really has been flying! Layla is 5.5 weeks already, crazy!! Life has gotten to the "new normal" now.  Brian went back to work and so began my 9 hour days alone with the kiddos. But who's counting the hours, right?!  Brian had some days where he flew and was gone 12+ hours which made for a tired mama! I'm not going to lie, life with 2 is crazy and leaves very little time for myself.  Most days I collapse into bed but I absolutely love my kiddos and feel so blessed to be able to stay home with them everyday.  I am still exclusively breastfeeding so I usually feed Layla around 10 pm, again at 3 am (usually up for 30 minutes to an hour), and then again at 6 which usually wakes Brady up, thus we all are up!  Needless to say sleep and the house are low on the priority list but we are all fed, clean, and happy and that's what counts, right?! :)  Layla has gotten fussier as the weeks go on but she is by no means as fussy as Brady was.  She just started to smile and is starting to coo more and more.  She just grew out of her newborn clothes so dressing her in all of her new 3 month clothes have been a blast! I just can't get over how cute girl clothes are!  Here are some recent pictures of Miss L:

Layla awake more and more! 3 weeks old here

She adores her brother and always turns her head to where he is.

I think she looks like her daddy!

Layla at 5 weeks

Her first smiles!

So sweet. She's losing her hair though, looks like another bald baby! :(

Tummy time!

Me and my little girl

Sorry, a little out of order.  Layla, 1 month old

1 Month young!

Ok so not as good as her newborn pictures!

My tired self with my little gal!


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