Monday, March 19, 2012

The Man You've All Been Waiting For.....

It's ME! Brady! Life has been pretty good, can't complain. Mom must be really hitting the cookies lately because man her belly has gotten huge! I thought I ate a lot of cookies, but I can't compete with that belly! Oh I know, I know, I'm the bad guy to comment on my mom's looks but even Rascal has asked me what's been going on. Whatever. Here's some pictures from the recent awesomeness that is Brady:

This is how a real man watches Calliou.

Ugh Mom can you not see that I'm busy here? Fixing my lawn mower while looking incredibly good takes my full concentration!

The craziest thing happened the other day....I stole a car and it happened to be the Wiggles car! Green Wiggle here I come?!

This whole "big brother" thing is going to be a piece of cake! Look at how well I take care of these two babes! Babysitting money here I come!

Just taking a quick sip of my tea.

Ugh these other kids know not sophistication.

Grandpa calls me special. I disagree.

He then told me to take a walk in my parent's shoes. I did and I have to admit, it wasn't easy.

Now I know why your feet stink so bad Dad! These are heavy!

I auditioned for Papillion Toilet Model 2012. This was my "Oh goodness it's a big one" face.
And this was my "I may be sitting on a toilet, but I can still look handsome" face. Pretty sure I got this one in the bag! No pun intended.

My parents FINALLY got me my own house!

And of course Dad and Bougie have to crash it. Umm no guys you can't sleep over, I have a date tonight! Sheesh!

Just a little recorder practice.

Ugh this girl will not leave me alone! Translation: Hello? Are you there? Ok, bye!

THE END......................................................


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