Monday, March 19, 2012

Brady Man

Other than the whole gestational diabetes thing and Brady getting his 2nd ear infection in under a month, life has been pretty normal around here. Brady LOVES being outside and playing with his car car as he calls it, going for walks, and talking as much as possible. The weather has been amazing lately and we have spent a majority of our time outside playing. Brian left today for a 2 week trip to Vegas for an exercise for work. We had his family here the past weekend, my mom comes Tuesday for 10 days, and I have a friend who used to live here coming to visit and come to my baby shower this weekend so busy, busy! Here are some recent pictures:
My Brady man is almost 2 years old! Yikes! He is growing up before our eyes and although not easy, it's been so much fun to watch him learn and grow every day. I started planning his 2nd birthday party this past weekend (Elmo themed, of course!) and it's really starting to hit me that his time as an only child is slowly coming to an end. I think that having a sibling will be good for him but I will miss that one on one time we have every day.

Brady with his Daddy, best buddies!

So another fun thing happened! Brady, Rascal, and Brian were playing ball and somehow Rascal cut his toenail really low, bled all over, and got to visit the ER vet one night! He got put under and had surgery on his foot and $400 later he was all good! I swear we are jinxed this year!

Mr. Brady Ross!

We got Brady's 3rd haircut the other week and brought him to the mall after. The ladies were drooling over him! Guess a nice haircut, a leather coat, and some smiles and hellos are all it takes! :)
Mmmm cookie!
Brady and Brian playing with his choo choo set. Not sure who had more fun playing Brady or Brian!
Brian and Brady singing the ABC's :)


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